Pixel Quadrupling Hints at a Better Retina Screen?



When Apple launched Retina displays with the iPhone 4, we were introduced to the idea of “pixel doubling” to pack more pixels into the same (physical) size screen giving us Retina resolutions. A sharp-eyed hacker/developer spotted something even more interesting within the Quartz Core: EnablePixelQuadrupling.

If Retina displays give us resolutions with pixels so small that the human eye can’t detect them, what the heck would this give us:

Users of retina iPhones and iPads are used to the phenomenon of pixel doubling, where two-by-two squares stand in for a larger, lower density pixel. But how would you feel about a display that needs pixel quadrupling?
Via: iDownload Blog

Something on that scale would certainly qualify as “super Retina” as Ryan Petrich tweets:

Beyond how amazing this might look there are a few things that we have to consider:

  1. Would we really be able to notice the improvement?
  2. How much more will this make devices?
  3. What kind of manufacturing challenge would this represent?
  4. What kind of performance and battery hit would a device with this level of resolution take?

I mean beyond that, sure bring it on. I can imagine movies and photos in “super Retina” looking almost better that real life. Just file away into the same rumor bin as we put all the interesting but “what does this really mean” rumors we get about Apple every day.

Still…super Retina. Wow.

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