Redditor’s Casual Drawing on His iPhone Will Leave You Amazed

The iPad has become quite popular among the creative community, thanks to its large screen and the wide variety of apps available for the platform. The iPhone, though, hasn’t seen such widespread use due to the smaller display on the device. This didn’t stop Reddit user Igor Cheban from creating awesome drawings on his iPhone’s small screen.

In a post on the website, Cheban shared some of his creations, as well as a video of him drawing right from scratch. What’s remarkable is that he doesn’t even use a stylus to draw on his iPhone, and instead simply zooms into the canvas to gain additional accuracy. Moreover, the app he uses, Brushes, is freely available on the App Store.

Here are some of his drawings:

cat-drawing ironman-drawing

Here’s a video of his drawing flow, right from scratch. If you feel that the video is slow, you can hit the 1.5x/2x option in the YouTube player to increase the playback speed:

The generous Reddit community even offered Cheban a free iPad to give him a much larger canvas to work on. Combined with a pressure sensitive stylus like the Pogo Connect, we think his creations would become even better. For more of Cheban’s drawings head over to his imgur gallery and to his Instagram profile.

Via: The Next Web

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