Apple Updates Remote App For iOS; Includes Improvements For Stability, Search & More


Last November, Apple had released a revamped version of the Remote app for iOS with support for iTunes 11 features like Up Next.

If you are facing issues with the Remote app then you may want to update it as Apple has just released an update, which includes seveal improvements for stability, search results, rating songs and sorting podcasts.

The Remote app includes the following features:

  • Control iTunes and Apple TV from anywhere in your home
  • A simplified look with new ways to browse your library
  • See upcoming songs with Up Next
  • See all songs in an album with Expanded view on an iPad
  • Add new songs to hear them next and then automatically continue where you left off
  • Browse, listen to, and control your iTunes Match library on Apple TV
  • Pause, rewind, fast-forward, shuffle, and adjust the volume from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • View album, movie, and TV show artwork
  • Create and update iTunes playlists, including Genius playlists
  • Search your entire iTunes library
  • Control iTunes to send music to AirPlay speakers
  • Control the volume on each speaker independently
  • Use simple gestures to control Apple TV
  • Enter text with the keyboard
  • Control shared libraries on iTunes and the new Apple TV

So download the latest update and let us know if it has fixed the stability issues.

Download link:

Remote – Free

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