Rumor: Apple Building an R&D and Data Centers in China

Map of China

Rumors are circulating that Apple might be building a R&D center in Beijing. Which, if true, would put research and prototyping much closer to production facilities and that has to be good for product development efficiencies. On top of that, Apple could also be investigating putting a data center in China as well which would speed iTunes and App downloads for Chinese users.

Quoted from Brightwire:

– At a meeting with Beijing’s acting mayor Wang Anshun on January 8, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company plans to set up an R&D center in Beijing, an unnamed insider source told Tencent Tech today.

– Cook also noted that Apple will move a certain amount of its servers for App Store and iTunes to China in order to improve the downloading speed for users in China.

From the same report Brightwire cites, Apple is rumored to be considering data centers in either Zhangjiakou to the northwest of Beijing or Inner Mongolia, either of which would be good news for Chinese iPhone fans.

Though the data center rumor is great for China, it’s the R&D center rumor that could yield tangible benefits for the world. With so much of Apple’s manufacturing based in China, having R&D close to a large talent pool of engineers and prototyping/manufacturing facilities means ideas can become prototypes and prototypes shipping products much, much faster than when R&D is farther from those places.

Have to see what becomes of both of these rumors.

Via: MacRumors

Photo from Flickr by tuchodi.

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