Rumor: Apple Internet Radio in 2013?

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Like an Apple releasing a TV, Apple launching an Internet radio service is a rumor that just won’t die—because it makes complete sense. Why wouldn’t Apple want its own streaming music service? They have a huge catalogue of music, they have deals with labels to sell the music, and going from listening to buying would probably so seamless that it would make music an impulse purchase. Overnight the rumors of an Internet radio service from Apple bubbled up again, and again, the timeline is “this year”.

Richard Greenfield is quote on with the belief that the service is coming in 2013:

“Consumer behavior (is) increasingly shifting toward access to a music catalog from ownership of specific songs,” Greenfield wrote. “We expect iRadio to be incorporated into the iTunes iOS app with personalized radio functionality akin to Pandora, integrated with iTunes to purchase music and other music related content such as concert information/tickets/merchandise via Live Nation (LYV) and Ticketmaster.”

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If the licensing deals can be worked out. MacRumors points out that in October Apple and music labels were talking about new licenses, but both sides left the table without a deal in place. MacRumors also pointed out that Eddy Cue is the “master negotiator” and would take this up to get things going again. So 2013 or 20… I think Internet radio from Apple is coming. It makes clear sense. Of course it might very well kill Songza, Spotify, Pandora, and Rdio, which would be a shame.

The only question left is…when.

Photo from Flickr by Cliff Beckwith.