Rumor: Next iPhone to Use Different Screen Technology



One of the ways Apple was able to make the iPhone 5 so thin was to switch to in-cell touch for the screen. The downside has been interference between the touch sensor and LCD leading to scrolling problems. Rumors are circulating today that Apple is investigating using touch-on-display technology in the next phone to keep the thin, but squash the bugs.

App Advice found the article in China Times that Innolux is supposedly already working with Apple on new displays:

Specifically, Apple is said to have already tapped Innolux, which is the largest LCD maker in Taiwan.

According to rumors in the industry, displays that feature the touch-on-display technology developed by the Taiwanese company have been sent to Cupertino for testing.

Innolux’s touch-on-display technology boasts both thinness and toughness in addition to better touch sensitivity than most other touch panel designs.

Of any of the rumors about the next generation iPhone (like a rainbow of colors or varieties of sizes or even the iWatch), this is probably the first practical rumor that will lead to tangible benefits to us.

Via: App Advice

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