Safari, Chrome, Gmail, Mail, and Maps Pick Your Default Apps

2013 01 07 16 28 49

Last week I was on a local radio tech show hosted by one of Canada’s best tech guys—Steve Dotto. Towards the end of the episode, we talked about if which apps we’d choose as our defaults if we could (non-jailbroken iOS). Like I said in my look ahead at 2013, I think Apple is going to finally open this up to all of us. So, what would your pick be?

Last Wednesday I was on DottoTech with another guy you’ve seen around these parts, Mike Vardy, and during the hour-long chat we (and our buddy John Biehler) talked about…

  • Cineplex TimePlay App
  • Windows 8 Launch
  • Facebook Issues
  • Instagram mess
  • Apple’s first post-Jobs year
  • Mapgate
  • iPhone 5, iPad Mini
  • Future of Twitter
  • Future of RIM

I’d subscribe to Steve’s show so you can listen to the hour-long episode at your leisure, but the real question I’ll leave with you to comment on is if you could (without jailbreaking) switch around the default apps for email, browsing, maps, and calendar (I’ll throw that in even though we didn’t mention it)…what would you choose?

Me, I’d go for Gmail (unless Sparrow gets new life), Chrome (tab syncing is cool), Apple Maps (in spite of its flaws I like it better), and …well I use Calendars by Readdle, but I’ve heard great things about Fantastical.

What are your picks?

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