Samsung hits landmark 100 million Galaxy S series sold, 40 million Galaxy SIII Devices Alone

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With Apple dealing with softening demand for the iPhone 5 and its stock price sliding today, Samsung announcing that it has shipped over 100 million Galaxy S devices—over 40 million of the SIII alone—must sting a bit.

A huge achievement for Samsung, kudos to them copying, er, making a great smartphone. Here’s the strange thing, this is truly a big deal for Samsung. Even their Flickr stream boasts great pictures of happy employees with creative celebratory poses, but their press release, boring beyond measure:

  • Samsung has announced that global channel sales of the company’s flagship smartphone, GALAXY S III and its two predecessors GALAXY S and GALAXY S II have surpassed 100 million units sales as of January 13, 2013.
  • Samsung GALAXY smartphones are intuitive and easy to use, display photos and videos on dazzling screens, and deliver a premium user experience with a design that is elegant and feels natural.
  • The GALAXY S, has reached over 24 million global channel shipments, achieving 10 million of these during the first seven months after its launch in June 2010.
  • Building on this success Samsung launched the GALAXY S II in April 2011. This smartphone reached around 40 million shipments, achieving 10 million global channel sales in just five months.
  • In May 2012, Samsung unveiled the GALAXY S III – a smartphone designed for humans and inspired by nature. It revolutionized the user experience, and was critically acclaimed, achieving 20 million global channel sales in just 100 days – which made it Samsung’s fastest selling smartphone yet.
  • GALAXY S III has now passed the mark of 40 million unit channel sales.

Really? That’s it? Come on Samsung this is awesome news. Even TNW noticed the lack of corporate glee.

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What does this mean for Apple? Well, in some ways, not too much. Samsung shipped a lot of phones and lots of models of the Galaxy S series, but Apple sticks to just 2-3 models at a time. Android is certainly getting better and more popular, but let’s face it Samsung has flooded the market with lots and lots of device. No wonder they are hitting the mark.

On the other hand, this does make it harder and harder for Apple to ignore calls for a low-cost iPhone.

Well Apple, if it’s strong competition you want, looks like you’ve got it.

HT: Engadget

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  • Marin

    This site is so biased.. In what way did the s3 copy the iPhone. Ive used both phones, give credit, where credit is due.

    • Nosferatu


      I own an S2 (the “notorious iPhone clone”) and after owning a 3GS I can tell you they are nothing alike (esp. now with Jelly Bean on it).

  • razielpr

    face it samsung is better and will continue to make better devices and now with flexible screens. apple needs to stop suing and start innovating if they want to keep up in the market and apple is the big copier they have copied everything they see.

    • Alterian

      I agree. Face it without a JB on an iPhone it’s lame and restrictive. I’m waiting until the S4 comes out if apple doesn’t open source by then I’m making the switch.

  • Eugene Sytnik

    I lol’ed a little looking at the blue-ish zeros (guess they were meant to be white save for SIII screen…. ;)

    • Rounak Jain


  • glan

    ios will be an open source in the future its the only way to save ios who agrees with me ?

  • Ashton

    What is happening to this website, this used to be a website to talk about the amazing features of the iPhone and everything apple related, now virtually every other post is to do with Samsung phones, I work for a network and 70% of our phone sales as a company this year are iPhones and this are official figures so I don’t really care about Samsung, Tris can we not go back to the idea of this site and that is discussing iPhones and how great they are, not all the other crap handsets out there.

    • Kevin Johansson

      Since Tris is writing…..
      I have nothing against him personally but its not a HACKING related site anymore….(not just cause of him but still)

      • Tris Hussey

        That’s true. Because there isn’t enough news about hacking to cover. The owner of the site brought me on to take the site in a new direction.

      • iPhoneHacks

        We would love to cover hacking news, unfortunately as Hazmobile pointed out there isn’t much to write about these days.

        Let’s hope there is a jailbreak soon.

    • Hazmobile

      All the amazing features of the iphone gets discussed in two days of its release. There’s nothing happening in the Hacking department so nothing to discuss. As for your sales stats, if you were given a Samsung and an iphone, which would you push to your customer??

    • Tris Hussey

      Thanks Ashton, but we’re expanding the coverage to have a broader scope for the site.

  • Galaxy

    After Steve Jobs died, Apple face a brain drain and has no innovation”..(^_^)

  • Jon Dough

    Who cares about how many phones Apple or Samsung sold or which is better. What I wanna know is who’s the cute asian girl in the front holding the one and how can I contact her?. lol