Sensus Puts Controls on the Back of Your iPhone

2013 01 07 20 09 16

One of the reasons I prefer to play games on my iPad is that on my iPhone my fingers often get in the way of the action. Either the controls are too small, the controls obscure what’s going on, my fingers block the action, everything is too small to see, or a combination of any of the above. Now, what if the game controls were on the back of your iPhone? That could be cool. Sensus wants to make this happen with their special iPhone case that has control/touch sensors on the back of the case.

Now, before you get really, really excited about the Sensus, it’s not available yet, and—as MacRumors points out—app makers will have to release apps to use the case for it to be useful at all.

Right, Apple doesn’t allow these kinds of extra controls to use iOS out of the box so, like the Pogo Connect, you need the device and an app made to work with it.

As cool as the case looks and sounds, I doubt it’s going to get much traction. I fear a chicken-and-egg scenario where people won’t buy the case until there are decent apps and app makers waiting until there are enough users to devote time to create or modify apps for it.

Here’s a video showing the case in action with a simple arcade game:

Looks cool, hope I’m wrong and the case catches on.

Also via Time.

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