Simple How To: Protect Your Device with a Zip Top Bag

In case you didn’t know already, here in the Pacific Northwest it rains a lot from Fall through Spring. Like rainforest a lot. You can imagine taking out your iPhone to answer a call or check Facebook for, oh, most of the year could mean it getting wet. Not good. Not that staying inside doesn’t have its own hazards. I like to cook and my iPad is my key cooking companion. How do I keep it clean and free of stuff while cook? Same way I protect my device if I go outside—a zip top, re-closable plastic bag. Best of all, I can still use the screen too.

This how to is really simple, but one I know most people don’t think of—especially in the kitchen—plus being able to still tap and use the screen is a huge bonus.

Essentially, for whatever the need or size of your device, pop it into the bag, suck the air out (for best fit), and zip it closed.

Now your device is protected from grit, grime, water, flour, hot sauce, or rogue spills. Great for when you are camping or hiking as well. And if the bag doesn’t survive the trip, just put it in the trash (or recycle it if you can).

What’s your best, and simplest, device protecting tip? Let us know in the comments.

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