Sprint Plans to Offer “Total Equipment Protection” Insurance Plans for iPhone

tep-iphone-sprintSprint will soon be offering new iPhone buyers the option of adding its AppleCare+ like insurance plan, called “Total Equipment Protection,” for devices, covering accidental damage, theft and other similar scenarios.

Stated stated earlier that it won’t be offering its TEP service for iPhone buyers, but according to a leaked screenshot obtained by Engadget, Sprint plans on rolling out the service very soon:

An anonymous tipster has shared an internal screenshot with us noting that starting on January 25th, the carrier will start allowing its iPhone users to select TEP as an equipment insurance option.

Buyers would have the option of opting-in for TEP within 30-days of activation, for which they’ll be charged $11 monthly.

For a replacement, Sprint would charge its customers $150 if their iPhone’s off-contract price ranges from $549-$599 and $200 for anything above $600. We’ll get more details on TEP once Sprint officially unveils it for the iPhone later this month.

In comparison, if you have AppleCare+ you pay a flat $50 to replace a covered device (up to three times).

Via: Engadget

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