Straight Talk Wireless and Walmart Team Up to Offer the iPhone 5


Looking for a basic, contract-free iPhone 5? Then you might want to head to Walmart where you can get an iPhone 5 through Straight Talk Wireless. There’s a catch though, you have to buy the phone outright, but Walmart will cut you a deal.

Like Virgin Mobile, Straight Talk doesn’t offer carrier subsidies on phones. You want it, you buy it. Seeing that many folks can’t swing that Walmart has a deal for you:

Like other prepaid plans such as Virgin Mobile, users must pay full price for their iPhones without having them subsidized by the carrier. Unlike Virgin Mobile, Walmart is offering holders of the Walmart credit card a no-interest fixed payment plan for $25/month. This allows customers to have a unlimited talk, text and data plan for a total of $70/month before taxes and fees.
From: Mac Rumors

So you have the calling plan, with data, for about $70/month. Not bad and maybe a good way for many folks to go. I’d have to see, however, if you stop using Straight Talk if there is a penalty from Walmart.

That would be an ouch on a great deal.

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  • wolf39us

    I pay $45 / month with Straight Talk on my iPhone 4 for everything unlimited. I don’t know how it would cost $70 (unless they have special changes for that particular phone)

  • wolf39us

    I pay $45/month with StraightTalk. I’m not aware of any StraightTalk plans that cost $70/month (unless they are going to make special plans for the iPhone 5)

    • Stephaughn Alston

      If I already have an iPhone can I just call & get a SIM card?

  • MJB

    You boneheads!! It is $45 for the plan plus $25 a month for the phone on a Walmart Visa!!

  • Cyrus J.

    You don’t really get unlimited data. Read the TOS and it clearly says no video and radio streaming…..

  • Rafael

    Works on the Verizon network confirmed. Looked at the actual phone at Walmart. Yes visual voicemail works. No LTE. No voice and data at the same time.

  • Marvin Gomez

    i have staright talk and its a horrible nightmare of a carrier, they cap your data, and turn off ur service randomly sometimes my wife and myself phone goes on and off and customer service is a waste of time cause they read everything book for book, they dont actually help you! save yourself the headache and look somewhere else, i was told by one straight talk superviser that we are NOT a “DATA COMPANY” even if we offer unlimited “WEB” your not allowed to stream video or music, they will turn off service! its 2013 and striaght needs to know how smart phones work!