T-Mobile Supports Nearly 2 Million iPhones and Growing Even Before Official Launch


In spite of the fact that T-Mobile isn’t going to officially offer the iPhone until sometime this year, the network already had 1.9 million iPhones on the network and that number is growing by 100,000 iPhones a month.

According to tmonews:

…at the Citi Global Internet, Media and Telecommunications conference in Las Vegas right now where T-Mobile CEO John Legere just dropped some interesting stats on the iPhone. With the numbers Legere mentioned, it’s easy to imagine that T-Mobile is eager to get their “Apple Product” deal rolled out as soon as possible. Legere further mentioned that the company currently serves 1.9 million iPhone devices and is adding 100k new devices every month.

Those are impressive numbers. Factor in the fact that these all have to be unlocked phones either poached from other carriers or purchased that way in the first place, I’d say that whenever T-Mobile does flick the switch and start offering iPhones of their own, I think they will be pretty successful.

If AT&T sold 10 million smartphones last quarter, I wonder what T-Mobile will do in the first quarter it can offer an iPhone?

HT: MacRumors

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  • http://twitter.com/DanielzeGreat Daniel Tadeo

    Well, there’s a difference between 2,000,000 iPhone 5’s and 2,000,000 iPhones (1st-5th generation) in general. I suspect there a barely any iPhone 5’s on their network and the only reason why they have so much is because people left At&T or bought used iPhones (probably 3GS through 4S) from people who upgraded to the newer ones.

    • Fireknight25

      I am using iphone 5 on T-mobile. I buy the phone upright from Apple. What are you base your information on? Some guy in the blue apple shirt on his first day at the store? You do know those “Geniuses” just make stuff up as they go along? Just ask the other blue apple shirt guy standing next to him. This website provide more information than any seasonal part-time apple store person.

  • Harry

    It won’t make much difference when they start selling them because they are Unsubsidized. People are in the exact same position as before they sold them.


    Also bought a iPhone 5 outright from apple and pay $30 unlimited everything (yes @ 3G speed ) not edge no more