Tablets Will Outsell Laptops This Year

tab collage

We know that tablets are hot and regardless of size or maker (okay, maybe not the 27″ tablet from Lenovo) they are flying off store shelves. Sure we knew they were going to eventually pass laptops in sales, but previous estimates were for this to happen in 2016. Today that’s been upped to this year.

NPD DisplaySearch has these data as reported by BGR:

While some have pegged 2013 as the year of the phablet, the latest report from NPD DisplaySearch paints a different picture. The firm estimates that shipments of tablet PCs will surpass 240 million units worldwide in 2013, topping notebook PC shipments, which are expected to reach 207 million, for the first time ever.
From: BGR

The next question is: who will fall first. Lots of PC companies, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, have been putting a lot of energy into laptops. Laptops have been outselling desktops for a few years no (if memory serves), so effort was pushed into laptops. Now, if laptop sales start to slide and you’re not making a successful tablet (therefore not Apple or Samsung or Google)—what are you going to make instead?

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