Temple Run 2 Breaks Record with 50 Million Downloads in Just 13 Days

We knew Temple Run 2 was hot. Heck it hit 20 million downloads in just four days, and it is really fun, now the game has hit a new milestone—50 million downloads. And, by the way, they set a record getting to that number in just 13 days.

Not too shabby.

Oh the last game to set the record of fastest to 50 million downloads?

Angry Birds Space.

How long did that take?

35 days.

Yeah, wow.

Yes, Temple Run 2 is a free game and Angry Birds Space is paid (and not cheap either), but still wow.

Now if Imangi Studios can show solid revenue growth from their in-app-purchases, then the model of an addictive game that you give away, but sell extras for, will be proven once and for all.

Download link:

Temple Run 2 (free, universal)

Via: MacRumors.

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  • surfin4hot

    the influx of people posting their top scores is just as outrageous as the number of downloads that temple run 2 has.

  • Key

    Temple Run 1 was “fun” for about 5 plays, i’m assuming TR2 will be just as lame