Tim Cook On Cheaper iPhone, iPhone With Bigger Screen, Apple TV And More

Tim Cook

During the earnings call earlier today, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook responded to a number of questions about Apple’s marketshare, iPhone with bigger screen, product pipeline, Apple TV etc.

Here’s are some excerpts from that call:

There have been rumors that Apple is planning to launch a cheaper iPhone to preserve its smartphone marketshare. So Tim Cook was asked about the importance of marketshare and whether holding on to the marketshare was a priority in 2013. While Tim Cook’s comments doesn’t rule out the possibility of a cheaper iPhone, he had this to say:

The most important thing to Apple is to make the best products in the world. We aren’t interested in revenue for revenue’s sake. We could put the Apple brand on a lot of things and sell a lot more stuff. We only want to make the best products. We’ve been able to build market share and have a great track record with iPod of doing different products at different price points. I wouldn’t view those as mutually exclusive as some might. We’re focused on making great products that enrich lives.

Last few days, there have also been rumors that Apple is planning to launch a larger iPhone with a 4.8-inch screen, to compete with similarly sized Android based smartphones. iMore reports that Tim Cook had this to say when he was asked if Apple had plans to launch an iPhone with bigger screen.

[Tim Cook] said Apple had already introduced the larger, 4-inch iPhone 5, and that it had the most advanced display in the industry (perhaps referring to its in-cell technology), and that no one else comes close in terms of quality. He also said that the way Apple went to 4-inches, which involved increasing the height but not the width, changing the previous 3:2 aspect ration to 16:9, preserved the iPhone’s one-handed ease of use. Cook said that Apple put a lot of thought into the iPhone’s screen size, and he believes they picked the right one.

As usual, Tim Cook also acknowledged that they are working on a number of new products:

We’re working on some incredible stuff. The pipeline is chock full. We feel great about what we’ve got in store.

Tim Cook also reiterated that Apple TV was an area of intense interest:

This is an area of intense interest for us and remains that. I tend to believe that there is a lot we can contribute in this space and we continue to pull the string and see where it leads us. Don’t want to be more specific.

Cook revealed that Apple had sold 2 million Apple TVs in the last quarter, a 60% growth year on year, which is quite impressive.

We can’t wait to find out what “incredible stuff” Apple plans to launch this year.

Via: MacRumors, iMore