TSMC Could Start Making A6X Chips This Quarter

A6X Apple 642x642

Rumors have circulating for months that Apple is planning on switching chip suppliers from Samsung to TSMC. Today we’re getting a fresh set of rumors, and now with some bold timelines estimates, of TSMC starting production of A6X chips as early as this quarter.

Regardless of whether you call it a “rumor” or not, Apple switching core chip fabrication from Samsung to TSMC has seemed like a forgone conclusion for months now. It just makes better business sense to move crucial parts manufacturing away from a company who isn’t just your main competitor, but who you are also locked into bitter legal disputes with. But then there is the aspect of timing. Past estimates have pegged a switch to TSMC from Samsung at around 18 months. Keep in mind that is the timing for a complete switch over not beginning production. So today’s news via TechCrunch and App Advice just means that Apple might be getting serious about making a full-scale switch to TSMC in the near future.

TSMC making chips is the first phase, then they have to be tested, and then TSMC has to boost its production capability to be able to meet Apple’s huge demand for A6X chips.

Just one step today in a journey that probably won’t see complete switch over until well into 2014.

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