Twitter’s Video Sharing Service Vine Set To Launch Standalone iOS App



Vine is a video sharing startup acquired by Twitter last fall. What makes their app and sharing interesting is that you can only share 6 seconds of video at at time and the app works so it’s easier to quickly record short bits of video to stitch together.

The folks at AllThingsD caught a tweet from Dick Costolo (showing how steak tartare is made in 6 seconds) that is using the Vine app. First here is the tweet (with video auto-embedded):

Now here’s how Peter Kafka describes how the app works (it makes much more sense having already watched the video):

There are other apps that do something similar, but one notable difference with Vine is the way you use it — after hitting a “record” button on the app, you hold your thumb on the screen to start filming. Take it off, and the camera stops.  You can use the app to create one straight take, or take lots of little shots, and make digital montages or flip-books (take a look at Costolo’s clip, below, which looks like it’s composed of eight or nine very quick takes).

Before Twitter bought Vine the plan was for the video app to be released on its own. Of course you might think that Twitter would swallow this feature up into the main Twitter app itself. By all accounts (and the tweet above) the stand alone app approach is going forward.

AllThingsD suggests we could be seeing the app hit the App Store as early as today.

So…do we need another video sharing app? Maybe not, but this is an interesting, unique approach that I think we need to try ourselves before judging. It could be great for time-lapse videos (imagine something like building a snowman in 6 seconds) or just fun things like Costolo’s tweet.

Next question is when (or if) it will be pulled into the Twitter app. From the looks of it, that might not happen. According to Kafka from people who have used the app:

Those people also tell me that one thing you don’t see on Vine is any kind of Twitter branding. This is a Twitter-owned video service, but for now, at least, it’s not “Twitter’s video service.”

Maybe a little arm’s length distance from Vine might be good for Vine and Twitter. Let’s see when the app hits.

Via: AllThingsD

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