Easter Egg: Unlock Retro Theme Font For Twitterrific 5

If you’ve Twitterrific 5 installed on your iPhone or iPad, then here’s a cool way to unlock a retro theme font.

All you need to do is tweet “OMG Pixels!” using Twitterrific 5 or later on your iPhone and iPad. In fact, anything that contains the word “pixels” should also unlock the retro theme font.

IconFactory announced it via the following tweet, but it has been known ever since Twitterific 5.0.1 was released:

Here’s a screenshot of the retro theme font:


A pretty cool way to unlock a theme. But I must admit, I still miss the days when features like tethering and quick snap could be enabled with an easter egg.

Let us know how it goes!

Download links:

➤ Twitterific – $2.99 (Special launch price – 50% discount for limited time)

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