Verizon Sees “The iPhone Effect” As Well

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Like AT&T and T-Mobile, Verizon has released preliminary Q4 results showing strong smartphone activations—explicitly driven by the iPhone.

Unlike AT&T’s announcement yesterday, Verizon CEO Dan Mead cites the iPhone as being a large contributor to the 9.8 million smartphone activations in Q4 2012.

Also like AT&T, most of the devices sold where smartphones (85%) with about a quarter of their subscribers using an LTE device (which we know the iPhone 5 isn’t the only one).

Interesting that both Verizon and AT&T had about the same number of activations (~10 million) in Q4 2012, probably just a coincidence, but interesting that they grew at about the same rate, though Verizon’s earnings were expected to be down compared to the year previous.

We’ll get the full scoop to January 24th when Verizon releases its Q4 2012 results (final ones).

Via: TNW

Photo from Flickr by Robert Scoble.

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