Walmart’s iPhone 5 With Straight Talk’s $45 Unlimited Data Plan Has a Cap


When Walmart announced Apple’s iPhone 5 with $45 unlimited data plan on Straight Talk’s network earlier in the month, it generated quite a lot of interest.

The only downside was that you had to buy the iPhone outright. But it seemed like a great option for someone who was looking for an unlimited data plan. 

Unfortunately, the unlimited data plan was too good to be true. Ars Technica reports that Straight Talk’s data plan is far from being unlimited, in fact there is a soft cap of as little as 2GB. After a user reaches the 2GB data cap, the data speed will get much slower.

 I found a thread on an appropriately named site called “Pissed Consumer” from January of 2012 where numerous users complain that they were misled by Straight Talk into thinking their accounts were truly unlimited, only (for some) to be completely shut down after downloading too much data. Though a few users in the thread claim to have downloaded gigs upon gigs of media via their Straight Talk plans, plenty of others complain that they weren’t told about the unstated limit of 2GB per month until they called to ask about their accounts.

So looks like it is a known issue for quite sometime. If you’re fine with the soft cap of 2GB, Straight Talk’s $45 data plan is quite a good deal compared to data plans offered by other carriers. But it is quite annoying when carriers promise unlimited data plans and then put these soft caps without bothering to tell customers about it.

If you’ve been using Straight Talk, let us know your experience in the comments below.

Via: Ars Technica

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  • Alan

    At the end of the day, all carriers are scumbags.

  • Mike

    Straight Talk has the worst customer support that I’ve ever experienced. Their staff are rude and incompetent, and the hold time is often in excess of an hour. I’ve been without service for over 3 weeks, and there is a good chance that I’ve lost my number, which my family has had for 15+ years.

    When you switch to a budget carrier, realize that you are on your own for support, and if the problem is on their side, prepare for it to never be resolved, or to be without service for weeks.

    • Don

      Haha you are 100% right on at

  • Brian

    You leave a carrier because of caps only to be capped.

  • Sean

    I have used Straight Talk on my iPhone for about 8 months. I haven’t experienced a cap yet, and I used a lot of data. It’s true, the customer service sucks, but the company has to cut corners somewhere to offer prices so cheap.

  • Jon Dough

    I’ve been using Straight talk for nearly a year. I was with AT&T. I upgraded from an iphone 4 to an 4s as soon as the jailbreak was released. I maintained service for a month ended my contract and switched to Straight Talk. I did my research so I knew about the 2GB cap beforehand. I had the unlimited AT&T data plan, but decided, to give it up when they started to throttle after 3GB. I do everything I did before with the exception of streaming video and tethering to my laptop. It was hard at first, but I’ve adjusted. $45 in my opinion is fair considering the alternatives. As far as customer service is concerned, I’ve only spoken to them once when I activated the sim card. I’m using auto pay and never had a problem. Everything is as smooth as can be considering that I’m using AT&T’s network and paying less than half for nearly the same service. Because ST is using AT&T’s network love that I can still use data and make calls simultaneous. Generally speaking I’m not a fan of the big 4 because their high priced plans and contracts so it seems like I’ll be sticking with ST for awhile. Overall I’m satisfied, just wish I had a truly unlimited plan again. I wish all carriers were upfront and honesty about their plans. It just doesn’t make sense to be able to advertise unlimited data only to later find out the exact opposite. That’s just wrong and deceitful. Well at least ST is the least expensive. (That I know of).

  • Brian

    Do you still get LTE speed with Straight Talk? I am on AT&T and considering the switch, but don’t want to give up the speed.

  • Kimk69

    So yeah, just like AT&T. They can say unlimited because you actually are still able to use the data, but its so freakin slow that its useless. But they’ll probably get away with it. Deushe Bags.
    I’m just glad that AT&T raised the high speed cap to 5 gigs when the LTE iPhone 5 came out. Totally surprised me but now were the only ones that can’t use FaceTime. These carriers make me ill thinking about the sh* t they do.

  • Rich

    That’s normal. In the UK unlimited means that there is no limit on the websites that you go to with a fai use policy in the unreadable part at the back of a hundred page contract saying that there is a cap of 500MB

  • Rafael Colon

    I’ve been using Straight Talk for over six months now and it has worked great for me. I had it on my iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and now on my iPhone 5. Yes it took a little bit of tweaking to get DATA and MMS working on all of them but I have it working perfect. I bought the sim card from straight talk and used it on my at&t iPhones. The iPhones that walmart sells for straight talk are Verizon iPhones. But if you buy the sim card from Straight Talk, you’ll be using the AT&T towers which the service is a lot faster. The walmart iPhones require no tweaking at all and everything works right out of the box. Regardless of which route you go, you will not get LTE Speed. But I did a speed test on both and the AT&T service was a lot lot faster.

    Data Cap, never had a problem. When I had my 4 and 4s, they were jailbroken and I used to tether to my iPad and MacBook a lot. They never cut me off or slowed me down. Right now I’m using my iPhone 5 so theres no way for me to tether but I use FaceTime a lot over cellular and still dont have a problem. Before going to Straight Talk I had AT&T and without tethering I was constantly getting a text from them saying that I was close to my 2gb limit. I never get that anymore and I use it just as much.

    Customer service at Straight Talk is horrible. They are in some other country and they barely speak out language. They have no knowledge about their product or service. I have called them 2 times, once I waited about 30 minutes and the second time about 3 minutes. First time was to ask if the iPhone 5 at walmart would get LTE data and they told me absolutely yes. The second time was to tell them that I wasnt getting LTE speed and to cancel that line. But thats what you get for 45 bucks a month. And to me its worth saving the money. I was paying 130 to AT&T and now I just pay 45 bucks…. Heck yeah!

    • iphonedontknow

      looking to buy a iphone 4 off of a friend and it was with a att carrier Would I be able to now use it as a straight talk phone how would I do it to be able to facetime?

  • filthyjason

    you get what you pay for. they should still be disclosing any soft caps though, they are just opening themselves up to a class action or other lawsuit

  • Chris

    ST shut down my data after 9 months of using an average of 3GB per month. I now use an app called MyDataUsage to keep it under 2GB. Still a good deal @$45 per mo. Just a bit shady of ST to advertise “unlimited” data.

  • Marie gorman

    I got a iPhone 5 from straight talk with a 45 dollar card and within 4 days my data and mms stopped working been back to Walmart several times and the issue has not been resolved really getting upset spent a lot of money on the phone for it not to work correctly

  • Ashley

    I’ve had my phone a little less than a month to 1 month and i already got capped! I noticed last night my 3g icon was gone and I’ve called “customer service” 3 times today to see if it was permanent or just suspended and every time they transferred me to a recording. I went to walmart to see if they could give me answers and they were completely rude to me saying maybe i should read the terms and conditions and that maybe i shouldn’t use so much data. -_- I will admit this is my first smartphone…I was excited. But come on…I had no idea i was using THAT much data. I wish i had gotten an alert stating my data usage was too much. More than likely I’ll be going back to verizon and let my mom have this phone.