Weekly Deals Roundup: PDFpen, iDocument, and Tunes Cleaner for Mac [Deals Hub]

iPH - PDFpenPro

Every week we deliver deals through our iPhone Hacks Deals Hub, and we’ve got a lot of great deals going on over at the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub right now. Whether you’re looking to manipulate PDF files, or keep your documents and iTunes library organized, there’s something there for you.

Here are three that we’d like to shine a spotlight on…

Sign and Edit PDF Files on Your Mac with PDFpen

We all know dealing with PDF files can be a pain. We’ve all had a PDF file that we’ve wanted to modify in some form or another and found ourselves only to be left with no real way to do it. But thanks to iPhone Hacks and PDFPen, those days are over.

PDFpen is your simple solution to making all of your PDF dreams come true. It offers a powerful editing capability – one that is unmatched at this price! With this iPhone Hacks Deals offer, you can get PDFpen for only $30 (50% off) you can get this stellar piece of software that will become an integral part of your document workflow.

For more details on this offer visit the Deals page. (And if you want more power with PDFpenPro, check out the deal we have on it here.

iDocument: The Simplest and Smartest Document Management Application for Mac

There’s nothing worse for your productivity – or your sanity – than trying to find that elusive document you need right at that moment. This offer will set you up so that you never come across this again – thanks to iDocument. And you’ll get this document organization tool for just $25…but only for a limited time!

The intuitive design of iDocument makes document organization as simple as using standard Mac programs like iTunes or iPhoto.

For more details on this offer, visit the Deals page.

Repair Your iTunes with Tunes Cleaner for Mac

Bringing music from iTunes to your iPhone can be a bit of a pain on its own, but when your library is a mess it makes the process even less appealing. That’s why we’re proud to bring this $5 iPhone Hacks Deals offer to the table so you can now enjoy your music collection in peace.

Leawo Tunes Cleaner for Mac is an intelligent iTunes cleanup tool that will allow you to transform your iTunes library from chaos to calm in just a few clicks.

For more details on this offer, visit the Deals page.

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