What’s In A Name? Should Apple Launch an iPhone 5S or 6?


I think we all remember the lead up to the iPhone 4S launch and questions whether this was an iPhone 5—actually we were expecting the device to be called the iPhone 5—or something else. We got a “something else” in terms of name, but maybe not in terms of specs. Apple caught flack for that, then sold millions of them regardless. We know that we’ll see a new iPhone this year, but what will Apple call it?

Forbes has an interesting article on this topic and the discussion really centers around our own expectations of what Apple will unveil, not just what it will be called. But what’s in a name? What if Apple had called the iPhone 4S the iPhone 5? Would that have quieted critics or just fueled a whole discussion that the device didn’t deserve the moniker of “iPhone 5″?

Apple is looking at the same hype cycle now with reports of iOS 7 and iPhone 6,1 showing up in server logs (including ours here at iPhoneHacks). Will the device be something brand new or an iteration of the iPhone 5?

Rumors about different colors, sizes, and today fixes for the touchscreen bug (using different touchscreen technology) are circulating around. With a device appearing in server logs as iPhone 6,1 (which can easily be faked) some folks think we’ll see a whole new device.

I think that Apple’s smartest move is to iterate the iPhone 5, fix screen issues, add any other new refinements available, and move on. Frankly, between the Lightning Connector messing up accessories, the form factor requiring all new cases, and the screen messing with developers, an improved iPhone 5 seems like the best choice to me.

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  • Luciana Daré

    Not sure, probably iPhone 5s. Apple usually puts the S when it just upgrades the phone (such as better processor on 3GS, better camera and processor on 4S) and saves the increments for design/major hardware changes (new design and retina screen for iPhone 4, changes in weight/ thickness and bigger screen for iPhone 5).

  • http://twitter.com/HiTekkSteff Stephaughn Alston

    A refined iPhone would be good but it would make sense for Apple to come up with a brand new iPhone, if not they’ll have more people going to that Galaxy S III or possibly the Galaxy S IV.

  • Alan

    I hope it’s a redesigned iPhone 6.

    • Wait

      No, stop messing with my 2 year contract upgrade cycle….I had the 4, then got the 4S but cost me a fair bit to break contract to get the 5, and it is fine for now, so a big upgrade next year would make sense, at least for me!

  • wolverinemarky

    if its a 5S i expect minor speed upgrades if its iPhone 6 i expect major hardware changes with the speed increase and since its a whole number change i expect it to be a bigger upgrade. its like going from iOS 6.0 to 6.1 you dont expect that major a change just a minor update but if you go from iOS 6.1 to 7 you expect some major changes and upgrades being packed in. what should they do idk hard to say hardware wise theres not much that i see myself needing. software wise i definitely would finally like themes and a slightly different interface and more speed as usual.

  • moe22

    are you people seriously gonna speculate the name iPhone 6? cmon. you guys buy apple stuff yet your so dumb? how do you afford things like that?.. probably contract….. Business stand point, it wouldnt make sense to make the name anything other than 5s…. use your brains! your not android users!

  • jaybeans821

    i agree, name it 5s and just keep up what they been doing…

  • http://profiles.google.com/sebastian.rasch Sebastian Rasch

    5s. Same design, new innards.