WordPress Parent Company Automattic Buys Simplenote Creator Simperium

simplenote-ios-appAutomattic, the company behind WordPress, has announced that it has acquired Simperium, the cloud syncing startup which makes popular note taking iOS app Simplenote.

Unlike other recent acquisitions though, the creators of Simplenote say that this isn’t simply an acqui-hire and that their two products—Simplenote and cloud syncing service Simperium—will continue to exist and become even better taking advantage of Automattic’s infrastructure and resources.

Speaking to AllThingsD Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic, explains the reason behind the acquisition:

“I think [Simperium] can help us completely revamp our mobile apps. Right now, we download the entire blog post every time in our apps. Simperium only sends the diff [the difference between the two files]. It’s way more bandwidth-efficient, and the online-offline opportunities will be huge.”

While WordPress has an iOS app, it isn’t very popular amongst bloggers, with many of them preferring third-party apps like Poster and Blogsy.

Mullenweg says that he’s a big Simplenote fan, and he even helped the startup buy the simplenote.com domain from a squatter as a “vote of confidence.”

Simplenote has a great roadmap planned for 2013 which includes improvements to the service and native apps for more platforms including the Mac. The company also plans on making Simperium, the syncing solution used in a lot of iOS apps, even better in the coming months.

Simperium’s iOS and JavaScript client libraries would be open-sourced as a part of the acquisition, which hopefully would benefit developers in implementing “diff” based syncing in their own apps as well.

Via: Simplenote

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