Would You Wear an iWatch?


Rumors are circulating today that Apple is working with Intel on a Bluetooth wearable device that many have dubbed the “iWatch” and depending on who you’re reading it is coming either very soon (like this month) or next year. Either way, this could be Apple’s “next big thing” that will change how we work and live.

In the “it’s coming, but not right now” camp is Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster who seems to be right in step with most folks in that we’ll be wearing more devices in the future and that Apple is working on something, but the timing is a little farther away than many of us would like:

“We believe that longer term (over the next 10+ years), wearable computers could eventually replace the iPhone and smartphones in general.”

“We believe technology could progress to a point where consumers have a tablet plus wearable computers, like watches or glasses, that enable simple things like voice calls, texting, quick searches, navigation, etc. through voice control.”

Via: Business Insider

I think Gene Munster is right about devices like the iWatch replacing smartphones as we use them now. I could certainly imagine a time when we wear our communications device that is also connected to something iPad mini or “phablet” sized we carry around that we use for the rest of things a smartphone does for us now. I also think that time isn’t so far off, much less than 10 years, probably closer to 5. But as far as the first generation iWatch (as folks are calling it), I’m not sure about a CES-timed launch, but first half of 2013 does make sense to me:

Rumor has it Apple is working on a Bluetooth 4.0-enabled smart watch and could even launch the device as early as the first half of this year. This is according to the latest rumor originating from supply chain sources in China. There isn’t much to back up the report’s claim that Intel is collaborating with Apple on the device (perhaps Intel has competitive mobile chips on the way? Or the whole thing might be B.S.), but there is a lot going for the prospect of an Apple smart watch in 2013.

Via: 9to5Mac

Jordan’s post on 9to5Mac goes into great depth about the things that are needed for an iWatch to come about, but really all we need to look at is the success of the Pebble Kickstarter project which demonstrated that people do want a small device that can interact with a smartphone. Apple surely took notice of the Pebble’s success, and assuming that they have a raft of crazy idea at the prototyping stage at any given time, could have green lit to fast track an iWatch into more rapid development.

There are a bunch of prototype/concept images floating around of what an iWatch would look like. I don’t think that the first version will have a camera, but I do think it will serve as a heads up display for calls, emails, reminders, etc. It might include a microphone and speaker, but I’m not sure we’re quite ready for the Dick Tracy wrist phone, maybe the iWatch would come with a simple Bluetooth headset for calls.

All of this is speculation, however, hinges on one key factor—us. Would we buy and wear a watch that will probably clock in at over $100 (easy) that connects to our iPhone?

That’s a question I leave to you to discuss below…

iWatch concept image by Anders Kjellberg

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  • j

    if the display stays on all the time i don’t mind getting it tho

    • mabbent

      no, on with shift from vertical to horizontal or 90 degree wrist rotation. still need to optimize battery life.

    • HumanCentiPad

      Wristwatches are a novelty accessory. If its going to compete with my Gshock or Cartier it better be hella stylin. And if its going to compete with sports watches, it better be water/sweat proof. Also, safer to wear on my wrist than holding my phone to my ear because I’m allergic to radiation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/THExREALxTACO Jeremy Taco Patterson

    I’d LOVE to have one.

    Siri-integrated functionality to compose texts, make notes/reminders, and Bluetooth for calls/FaceTime.

    Plus a sleek watch interface.

    Sign me up.

  • Alan

    I would love to buy one that connects to the iPhone and one that comes with Siri (though it needs to be a lot more useful and accurate)

  • brett

    no way

  • Luciana Daré

    Yes, I’d buy that. I see the future in wearable computing. This watch will probably feature a stripped-down version of iOS and will allow programming of small apps. It will probably allow lots of nice stuff, either with standalone apps or “support” apps, for example, when you take a shot on a shooting game, the watch vibrates. Pebble is a nice device already, I think the apple watch may be even nicer.

    • http://trishussey.com Tris Hussey

      How about Angry birds where you launch from the watch! Yes, the combination of apps will make this a powerful device.

  • kmichalec

    Sorry. Not a chance. This would epitomize the definition of the word “Tool”. The major reason people would buy these would be to try to make everyone think they are cool, cause then they can show off to everyone all the time that they own an Apple device.

    Might as well be a 1980’s calculator watch, cause you’d be just about as cool wearing one of these…

    • http://www.facebook.com/THExREALxTACO Jeremy Taco Patterson

      Not everybody who likes iDevices is a douchebeg, bud…

      • kmichalec

        I fully agree. And actually, I never said everyone that own’s iDevices are. Alot of people that own them are not. The problem is, these iWatches would become a status symbol for the ones that are douchebags who think they are cool because they own iDevices and try to show them off every chance they get.

  • Eliran

    Apple is going down

  • MastaWin

    If it had GPS , i could replace my Garmin Forerunner and being able to track all my runs and sync with the numerous running apps that are out there, absolutely.

    • http://www.facebook.com/THExREALxTACO Jeremy Taco Patterson

      Another excellent use!

    • http://trishussey.com Tris Hussey

      Not to mention trying to walk or take transit in a large city.

  • Ben

    No. It would cost $1200, you’d have to charge it weekly, and every 3 months a bug would cause it to display the wrong time for a day.

  • http://profiles.google.com/sebastian.rasch Sebastian Rasch

    Depends solely on the design really. Technically, I do like the concept of an iWatch and I’d definitely wear one. But a watch is an accessory not much different to jewellery which means it’s an expression of taste and character. So I really doubt that Apple’s gonna create a watch that I’d wear in terms of design.

  • Jubeisan

    I have an iPod nano strapped in a LunaTik Lynk in my wrist right now (yes I’m one of “those guys”). Was hoping that Apple wound integrate BT (linkage that would display info from the iPhone) into the newest nano and keep the form factor. When they didn’t, I knew they had something up there sleeves.
    ::No pun intended::

  • http://ellenensher.com/ Be a Mentor

    I would totally wear a watch like that. Why would I ever not want to? Oh because of Google Glass? Yea if that did the same thing without me having to look at my wrist. But otherwise I’m totally on board.

  • JBandP

    i don’t even wear a regular watch, there is no freaking way i would wear an “iwatch”. besides my fingers would cover at least half the screen.

  • Mangal

    I no longer use my iphone for Golf yardage as I have much more convenient device – the Garmin GPS Watch. So, I can see iwatch would be a great idea for all sorts of automatic monitoring tasks!