AirBlue Sharing: Bluetooth File Sharing Jailbreak App Updated With iOS 6 And iPhone 5 Support [Updated]


We’ve some good news for fans of jailbreak app AirBlue Sharing! It is now compatible with iOS 6 and iPhone 5.

iPhone comes with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology but it only supports the Bluetooth Headset Profile, A2DP and Bluetooth Hands-free Profile 1.5, so iPhone users still can’t transfer files between iOS devices or any other Bluetooth device, which is the most commonly requested application in the Bluetooth stack.

AirBlue Sharing removes that restriction and allows jailbroken iOS device users to share files using Bluetooth. AirBlue Sharing v1.0.1 is now compatible with iOS 6.1 – iOS 6 and iPhone 5.

It comes with the following features:

1. Zero configuration
2. Native Bluetooth pairing, do not have to re-pair your device when using iOS native Bluetooth
3. High speed Bluetooth transimision, up to 1.7 MB/s
4. Automatically shutdown Bluetooth when transmission done to save power
5. Transfer files over WiFi connection, it’s possible to transfer a video file in a few seconds (iOS to iOS)
6. Automatically create a WiFi hotspot for transmission when no WiFi available (iOS to iOS, large file)
7. Send from Notes/Photos/Videos /Music/Contacts/Voice Memos …
8. Send any file from applications support “Open in …”
9. Import received files to Contacts/Photos
10. Import received files to applications support “Open in …”
11. Send/receive multiple files simultaneously
12. Sent/received notification sounds
13. Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux, Nokia, Android, Blackberry and other Bluetooth enabled phones 

Check out the demo of the jailbreak app in action below:

AirBlue Sharing is available on Cydia for $4.99. The iOS 6 and iPhone 5 is available as a free update for existing users.


A number of readers have reported that they’re getting invalid response from the license server. Please do not buy the app until the issue is resolved by the developer. We’ve reached out to the developer to get an update. We’ll keep you posted.

Let us know how it goes in the comments.

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  • 7abib0

    I’m getting server activation error :(

  • Steve Kennard

    why are apple so restrictive on fundamental things like this?

    • surfin4hot

      it’s prolly part of their marketing strategy – you have to have an apple device to transfer a file from one device to another. also, the file format – they want to make it exclusive without knowing that a lot of people will get irritated with it and that one can always convert a certain file. it would be a great relief if they add it once they update their OS. but if they do, it might not be the same functonality as airblue.

  • Nick Smith

    Will this work when sending files to a non JB IPhone?

    • iPhoneHacks

      Yes, that’s the idea behind the app. It allows you to send files to any device over Bluetooth.

      • Peter Clarke

        I tried sharing files using airblue sharing to a non jailbroken iPhone 4 and it doesn’t work.

  • Sandeep Kantimahanthi

    Awesome. I wuz waiting for tis so long and finnally. Any rapo we could get free or even iam fyn to pay ;)

    • iPhoneHacks

      Sorry, we have a no piracy policy. Please buy the app to support the developer as a lot of time and effort goes into researching and developing such apps.

      • Sandeep Kantimahanthi

        Yep just bought it with Respect ;) & with payPAL :D, and its working awesome, Much faster that what I have expected :) :) , Next time you pls comeup with Iphone 5 sharing vid bluetooth, which helps others , else i Should make one and send :) ..Cheers

      • Xeni Up

        this is not fair, why to pay for something that all other phones have already on it for free, this is completely crazy, first higher price than again to pay, if there would be no free repos, believe no one would pay for it

  • Peter Clarke

    Anyone having problems with “Airblue sharing”? It has made the app to be
    compatible with iOS 6 but since doing Cydia updates I cannot get my
    phone to activate bluetooth. It keeps telling me to activate it but when
    I tap on “activate” it tells me “invalid response from license server”.
    BTW I am still on iOS 5 jailbreak. Does this mean I have to update to
    iOS 6 jailbreak to make this bluetooth app to work? This is the main
    reason I jailbreaked to transfer files with other phones and other

  • ahmed4135

    i get invalid response from license server: encountered unknown tag html on line 2

    help please


    same i get invalid response from license server: encountered unknown tag html on line 2

    help please

  • Peter Clarke

    I did an iOS 6 jailbreak and yes now I get “invalid response from license server: encountered unknown tag html on line 2″ as well now. Is anyone fixing this? I really need bluetooth so my phone can communicate with other devices. :(

    • iPhoneHacks

      We have reached out to the developer to find out when the issue will be fixed. We’ll keep you posted.

      • Peter Clarke

        Problem solved. Now can they stop meddling around with things that is working? LOL Thanks for the good work. Now my phone is socialising again with other devices. Cheers!

      • Peter Clarke

        Since I upgraded to iOS 6.1.2 I cannot find mp3 files transferred to my
        iPhone 4S via bluetooth from my Laptop. The mp3 files are successfully
        transferred via bluetooth but they cannot be found in the iPhone iPod
        music folders so I cannot play them. I look for the mp3 files in
        Airblue…..var….mobile….Airblue received and they are there and I
        even imported them which I presume goes to the iPod music folder of the
        iPhone but they still are not in the music folder. I have done this with
        several mp3 files and even uninstalled and reinstalled Airblue sharing
        with no success. No problems with bluetoothing photos. They
        automatically go to the photo album camera roll. No problem transferring
        from iPhone to laptop with either photos or mp3 files. It’s just mp3
        files transferred to iPhone do not appear in the music folder like it
        used to with past iOS (6.1.1 and 5.1.1). Can you help with this problem?

        • Peter Clarke

          problem solved after uninstalling unlimtones.

  • Bon

    is there any way to get it for free ?

  • PenangKiD

    Still buggy for iOS 6.1.1

  • ssj5legend

    I’m on 6.1.2 and I’m a first time user. I am having difficulty in importing videos, the photos are fine from this perspective. Not sure if its just a bug. But the video is about 600mb so maybe that’s why? Hope someone can help.

    • Peter Clarke

      600mb will take a while to transfer…..did you wait long enough for the transfer to complete….test it with a small size video and if that works logically speaking the 600mb video will also work but takes much longer to transfer.

  • Seraph

    The last atualization 1.0.2 return licence server errors

  • KaY+

    good man

  • Vanish

    hey i have purchased airblue on ios 6.0.1 .. now if i update to ios 6.1.2 will i have to purchase it agian ? or my gmail ID will work?

    • iPhoneHacks

      You won’t need to purchase it again. After you have re-jailbroken your iPhone on iOS 6.1.2, launch Cydia, then tap on Manage account, sign in with your email address. You should see an option called Installable Purchases, which will give you the list of Cydia apps that you’ve purchased till now. You can tap on the app from the list to install it.

      Alternatively, when you go to the jailbreak app’s page, you should get an option to install it rather than to purchase it.

  • Norooz

    For me everything works ok but when i receive a mp3 file via airblue sharing,it doesn’t play and i receive this error, “there is no app to play this file” any help plz…

    • nabil

      you have to installe ifile from cydia and then you can enjoy your song

      • Norooz

        i already did but it didn’t work

  • iPhonediot

    Have to buy Bluetooth to proper share what a idiota phones. Samsung have built in Bluetooth.

    • Norooz

      u pay 5$ not 500$ ;)

  • nabil

    it work better on ios 5 i have a problem on ios 6.1.2 when i activate it the phone respring and activate the safe mode O.o i need w solution

  • Akshay

    How many iphone can we link with one id
    I pruchased airblue through ma gmail account
    N i use the same account to download on ma father’s n sister iphone

  • Ramanjeet Bawa

    I hv 3gs running on 6.0.1 which I had Celeste Bluetooth File Transfer…later I removed it unable to remove BTstack. Then now I have put AirBlue Sharing but its not connecting…when it does it restarts the phone when its on or when about to transfer…..WHY is this happening? Pls help me someone.

    Even during the Celeste was loaded same thing use to happen…as well.

  • Arturo Lopez

    I have bought the app I can send any file, but I can´t receive files I bought the app legally it costed me 4.99 I´m using iOS 6.1 iPod touch 5G, can you please help me.

  • jenny

    in the middle of using airblue my iphone 5 hangs and then i turn off and then later the touch screen not responding iwas trying to slide to unlock and it wont unlock itry to turn off and on and still the whole touch sreen not responding…i need help please

    • jenny

      my phone is iphone 5 ios 6.1.2 i need help please i dont want to restore it coz i dont want to lost my jailbreak