Amazon Tells iOS Users Not to Install Latest Kindle App Update Due to Critical Bug [Update: Fix Released]



If you see an update for the Kindle app in the App Store, please don’t hit the Update button.

Amazon has just warned users to avoid upgrading the Kindle iOS app to v3.6.1 as a bug wipes a user’s existing library and settings from the device.

Users are reporting that after upgrading to Kindle v3.6.1, which was released yesterday, all the content they had downloaded on their iOS device was deleted. Some annoyed users are reporting on the App Store that they have also lost bookmarks and other settings.

ShannonNoel, a Kindle app user writes:

Thank you new update for erasing all my saving settings. Now I have to go through my hundreds of books to find the ones I haven’t read and change all of my screen settings.

Amazon has updated the what’s new section with the following warning:

Note: There is a known issue with this update. If you are an existing Kindle for iOS user, we recommend you do not install this update at this time.

Amazon has also told CNET that the company has submitted a fix for the issue and working with Apple to release it. Affected users will have to re-login and download the content again from the cloud.

Let’s hope the update with the fix hits the App Store soon as I doubt anyone checks the what’s new section.


That was quick. Amazon has just released an update for the Kindle App (v3.6.2) to fix the bug that was resulting in deletion of content from iOS devices. Here’s what’s new in v3.6.2:

  • Fix for Registration Issue 
  • Various Bug Fixes and Security Fixes


Thanks TheAppleClinic for the tip!


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