Apple Loses Appeal to Get Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus Banned

galaxy nexusAn appeals court in Washington DC has again rejected Apple’s request to stop the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone. The same court had in July last year suspended the sales ban on the Galaxy Nexus, which Apple had appealed for and successfully obtained, due to lack of evidence.

From Reuters’ report:

Apple had asked the full Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., to revisit a decision in October by a three-judge panel of the same court. The panel rejected Apple’s request to impose a sales ban on Samsung’s Nexus smartphone ahead of a trial set for March 2014.

The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals that arrived on this decision consists of nine active judges. The same court had, in October, raised the bar for approving “potentially market crippling” sales ban requests like the one Apple requested for. The appeals court said that the district court in California, which first approved the sales ban on the Galaxy Nexus, had “abused its discretion.”

The March 2014 trial between the two companies concerns an Apple patent that wasn’t included in the earlier trial that Apple won.

Since Apple first requested for a sales ban, the Galaxy Nexus has been succeeded by LG’s Nexus 4 as Google’s flagship Android-based smartphone, so Samsung isn’t likely to suffer much financial damage even if Apple’s appeal was approved.

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  • ifonix

    Apple stop trying to cut samsung in court, in some field thay r better then you at the momnet.
    and start concentrate in making beter smartphones. you want to beat samsung? make a better product! as asimple as that.

  • AT&T Rapes Me

    They already make the best

    • Shauna Morgan

      They make a good product, but since the iPhone 4, it hasn’t been the best, by far. Even sites that were Apple flunkies like Cnet, no longer have the iPhone as the best phone on the market.

      • AT&T Rapes Me

        As far as performance, reliability, and overall quality, yes the iphone is far Superior! From day 1 and now