Are You Able To Install Jailbreak Apps And Tweaks From Cydia Today?


Yesterday, evad3rs dev team released the evasi0n jailbreak. It would be an understatement to say that it was the most eagerly awaited jailbreak of all-time.

So it didn’t come as a major surprise when evad3rs announced that there were more than 270,000 concurrent visitors on their website when the jailbreak went live and it was downloaded more than 450,000 times in just a few hours

While the jailbreak process using the evasi0n tool was quite smooth for a majority of users, the surge in traffic had its toll on Cydia repositories. This meant that for most part of the day, it was next to impossible to install jailbreak apps and tweaks.

Even though saurik quickly fixed the issue with his repository, he had to take the payment system offline as it was not possible to serve that kind of traffic.

Meanwhile, other repository owners continued to work hard to handle the high traffic. When I went to sleep last night, things were still not in good shape resulting a lot of frustrated and at times angry users.

The good news is that today morning things seem to be much better. I was able to login to my Cydia account (I was getting a blank page yesterday or some error yesterday) and install packages. I was able to install SBSettings, Activator, Auxo, Zephyr, F.lux, FastBlurredNotificationCenter etc. without any problem.


I’m not sure it is because the traffic has reduced (it certainly would have reduced as people are still waking up in parts of U.S.) or the repository owners have managed to add enough capacity to handle the load, but looks like Cydia is working quite smoothly now.

Kudos to saurik and the repository owners for working hard to resolve the availability issues so we can install our favorite jailbreak apps and truly enjoy our jailbroken iOS devices.


Downloading packages and themes is very slow and get some error and warnings when I fire up Cydia, but doesn’t seem to stop me from installing them. I just installed Winterboard and the beautiful ayecon theme.



saurik has now put a note on Cydia informing users that things seem to be more stable. However, as many of you have pointed out, though it is a lot better than yesterday, installing jailbreak apps and tweaks still seems to be a hit and miss. If you hit an error, retrying seems to solve the problem.


Let me know if you have been able to install jailbreak apps and tweaks or if you’re still having problems.

Also don’t forget to check the list of jailbreak apps and tweaks that compatible with iOS 6.1/iOS 6 so that you don’t hit issues.

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  • Alex Schwartz

    I couldn’t install winter board but I did install dream board.

    • Alex Schwartz

      I couldn’t install ifile also.

    • iPhoneHacks

      I was able to install Winterboard without an issue. Can you try now? What error are you getting? Suggest killing Cydia from the app switcher and relaunching it.

  • Martin

    Cydia never loads always get red and yellow errors

    • iPhoneHacks

      Yeah, noticed them too but it didnt stop me from installing the packages.

  • PatientlyWaiting

    Trying to download 1 package and I just cant do it. All I want is PKGBackup heh.

  • Bonn

    still trouble here in Germany…

  • Wassim

    Not yet…only “mobile substrate” dowloaded successfully.
    Seems the sources are not updated yet

  • Bonn

    I keep getting the following message http/1.0.503 service Unavailable. I only managed to install SBSettings…

    • iPhoneHacks

      Kill Cydia from the app switcher, relaunch it and try again.

      • Bonn

        It seems that it depends on the repo.. thanks for the suggestion thou.. I tried it …

        • iPhoneHacks

          Yeah, that’s possible. BigBoss repo seems to be up but downloads seem to be very slow.

  • Mr. Dumb

    No problem here in Nepal. Downloaded a bunch of those already!

  • Jmontero

    Still having issues, starts downloading then it stops and displays hash sum mismatch error

  • Pedro

    I have downloaded everything without any problem. @ Portugal

  • Axenory

    At times i got the red errors of doom, but several tries were enough for being able to download later on. @ Dominican Republic

  • midooo507

    still dosnt working ::(( in egypt

  • Notaus nottelling

    7am US eastern time it is a hit or miss, but a lot better than yesterday with all the 500 bad requests

  • Emmanuel L.

    It’s working pretty well for me now. Even last night, it was working much better then earl afternoon yesterday. I’ve been able to download a few tweeks and apps. I’m excited!

  • Adam Levensohn

    hit or miss still in the US – some things download -some things don’t- manage account still seems to be down

  • Dalogan72

    what a joke,

  • Ryan Isadore

    Somethings were easy to install yesterday, it seemed like the smaller the file the easier… But by about 6 hours ago things were going much smoother. Been able to get all my usual tweaks downloaded, and just go the new LeviathanHaz3-HD theme, so purchases are working. Still can’t get the Flex tweak that was features on your site a couple days ago. Keep getting error 502 bad gateway on the main screen where you purchase it.

  • Steve Kennard

    all working great for me in the UK

  • yournot

    Activator seems to crash me out to safemode when I use remove background in triple press on the home screen. YAARRGGHH!

    • goblin

      yep , the RemoveBG doesnt support ios 6 yet

  • Guest

    Working ok for me (with a few reloads) Was able to install Auxo, TetherMe, %hook’s law and Zephyr so far. So all is well in Barbados (and sunny). Had to look outside to find out the weather cuz the weather app keeps crashing. Windows are so 90’s.

  • Stefan

    I installed Sprintomize 2 to have 6 icons in a row and the Springboard always crashs into Safe Mode when i try to delete an App

  • Adam Buchanan

    people are really complaining? because they can’t download on day 1 of a very anticipated jailbreak? come on people just be happy we have the jailbreak!

  • Genius_Mac

    Working ok for me (with a few reloads) Was able to install Auxo, TetherMe, %hook’s law and Zephyr so far. So all is well in Barbados (and sunny). Had to look outside to find out the weather cuz the weather app keeps crashing. Windows are so 90’s.

  • surfin4hot

    i tried adding sources and cydia crashes. i also tried installing activator and f.lux. im getting an http no response from server error and other red fonts that i dare not to take note. we all prolly should wait until the server is stable.

    also, i honestly dont like the weather app that came with cydia. is there a way to have it removed?

  • Steve

    Mixed success. Able to purchase FolderEnhancer thru Paypal and system says officially purchased but when it goes to download the file I get “I wasn’t able to locate the file for the com.chpwn.iconsupport package. This might mean you need to manually fix the package.” I presume this a repo that is down or pointed to incorrectly. The same happens when I try to get other packaged that I already purchased. They are working hard I’m sure to resolve the issues.

    • Steve

      Same is true for RingerX VIP.

  • Shehz22

    Been able to install quite a few on my iPhone 4s, but most failed when using the iPad 2
    From Bangladesh

  • Yurkie

    I was able to late last night on both my iPhone 5 and iPad 3. It started working for both at the same time.

    • Yurkie

      But I haven’t been able to log in and install my purchases.

  • Rezsickness

    still not working for me… i am unable to get themes of any sort…. i am getting failed to fetch errors and says some index files failed to download… So i am guessing this is just a traffic error per say… but is there anything i can do to fix this?

  • Nepheridus

    getting Forbidden erros

    • StinkyNuts

      Same here. http/1.1 403 forbidden on a couple of em

  • Bill Parisi

    Yes, after multiple tries and very slow.

  • JB Fan

    I am having much better luck this morning (USA) compared to yesterday. I was even able to buy MyWi (yes for the upgrade) via paypal with no issues. Here is what I have managed to get back on my device so far – Activator, Barrel, iBlacklist (license transfered with no issues), iFile, Infindock, Infinifolders, MyWi6 (plus the other MyWi tweaks that auto load with it), NES.emu, ProTube HD, ReceiveAny, SBSettings, YouTubetoMp3. Some of the other apps/tweaks are still timing out, but not a bad start to the morning overal. Btw, SendAny is not ios 6 compatiable yet.

  • dbDESIGN

    I have been able to install the few that I use, last night around 1am EST : iBlacklist & Lockinfo5 (HUGE disappointment) and of course Winterboard.

  • BetterToday

    LOL, Able to purchase ayecon w/o a hitch. Not however, able to download it. But, I will say all the adverts look nice and clear… I know, I’m a cynical b*tch!

  • Mike R

    i was able to get a few but cant find any good sms themes can you guys post something as to how to make your own or of some good ones and some simple one

  • janne

    Worst Cydia ever,very few downloads working so far,TVout2 mirror make Mail and Settings to crash,ok after deleting TVout.

  • Coalthen

    anyone else having a problem with cydia closing whenever installing something?

  • Sqmala

    Ppl should remember a lot of things I’d say 90% aren’t compatible with iOS 6 yet I’ve been jail broke tethered since iOS 6 first released some things have been updated but not and substantial amout just so everyone knows that’s y when u install some things ur phone goes into safe mode or crashes just food for thought!

  • mishka

    weather app is not working for me, but jailbreak and cydia work just fine and im so thankful to whole evasi0n and iphonehacks team!!!

  • Keith

    What theme is that?

  • carl

    is it just me or the battery drains faster with 6.1(4s)?

    • JB Fan

      Im kinda seeing the same thing. Anyone else?

      • Ajax

        I actually noticed a drop in battery drain try turning off some unnecessary things like location

  • Le

    iphonehacks!! you should write an article about the latest cydia sources!! which one has been changed, and which one is currently down!! like hackulo is down right now!! I think more people will like this information!!

  • Namero

    after deleting the Ultrasn0w source from Cydia, i noticed improvement in downloading and installing tweaks

  • pacman23

    jailbreak installed great but i cant get my3g program to work right it wont facetime on 3g i have iphone 4 .. worked on my last jailbreak .. i reinstalled it and everyting but no go .. anyone know a fix for this ? thanks

  • Jose Carlo

    nooooo :( most of my tweaks and apps came from insanelyi repo but they havent updated none to work with ios 6.1:/

  • Lee

    The springtomiz 2 I paid $2.99 keep crashing into safe more for me pls any work around ?

  • c h r i s t i n a ツ

    Anyone else having problems with Winterboard? After installing Winterboard and needing to reboot, my phone got stuck on the apple logo :'(

    • JB Fan

      Last night, I shut down my phone and tried to turn it on. It just sat at the apple logo and would not move from there. I had to tether the phone to my computer to turn the phone on. I had to do another backup/restore and new JB but now my phone seems to power up/down just fine.

      • iPhone72

        Same thing happened to me after installing Winterboard. I had to restore my phone. However, I am not going to re-jailbreak until a new update of evasi0n is released that fixes the currently known bugs.

    • LH2428

      hold volume up button when turning on delete bad app restart

  • 8lias

    Anyone having issue accessing their purchased App Store apps? Mine kept crashing when I try to access the Purchased tap.

    • Soloman

      i dl Iap Cracker and its all crashed when i purchased gold in games

  • janne

    Warning:DIRECT CLOSER is not compatible in 6.1 IPHONE 4.Device is crashing(going in safe mode).

  • Evster

    Can’t add any repos to cydia keep getting bad URL verefecation error

  • goze18

    nice winterboard theme

  • David Bell

    The evasi0n jailbreak went smooth but right now I’m more concerned about the very long boot up time since the new jailbreak last night— I’m not sure if it’s stuck or just taking a very long time ?

    Other than that downloading all my Cydia apps was a bust last night, Early this morning was a bit better but still missing a few that I’m working on now with no error messages so far

  • David Bell

    c h r i s t i n a ツ • 4 hours ago

    Anyone else having problems with Winterboard? After installing Winterboard and needing to reboot, my phone got stuck on the apple logo :'(

    I don’t know if Winterboard (which I also use) is causing the frozen Apple but doing the two finger reboot ( hold the sleep/wake button and Home buttons simultaneously for a few seconds; the display will quickly wipe itself and you should see the black background and white Apple logo, signifying a reset well done. ) seems to clear it up but hopefully someone will figure out a fix and cause of the problem

  • Brice

    Works fine for me i jailbroke a ipod touch 4g and ipad mini today and it was quick and works fine!

  • Matt

    I managed to JB with no problems AND install my Cydia apps, a few quit installing midstream, but I waited a minute or two and they installed just fine.

  • LH2428

    WEATHERICON is not working nor is GRIDLOCK on 6.1

  • Edwin

    JB was a breeze but the Cydia sources, packages and some software are really killing me. Got the same issues as most ppl here as my iPhone 4 will jumps into safe mode and then when restart it, it will take forever to open up again…. Also my iPhone 4 seems to be running much more slower than usual….jeez

  • Ally

    Hackulo has already shut down quite some time ago.

  • Resortzx

    Today im still having problem, its says there is a problem with the data base…


    i am using iphone 4 and already update to version 6.1.2 and already jailbreak.
    i cannot install apps under cydia like barrel, motion,its ask me to purchased
    kindly please advice how to install for free

  • Jupiter

    Hello, thanks for the info. I’ve a related problem. I’ve made the jailbbreaked without any problem and been installed cydia sbsettings and apps properly. The problem is that any of this apps works. Even the apps that I had in previous versions of jailbreak runs. So is as my phone isn’t jailbreak, but evaders sotfware sayd the phone is jaibreade and is not recommended to Re-jailbreak