AssistantLove Gets iOS 6 Support, Integrates Google Maps And Grooveshark Into Siri


AssistantLove, one of my favorite jailbreak tweaks has been updated with new features and iOS 6.1 support.

AssistantLove extends Siri’s capabilities by allowing you to use it to control apps such as Spotify, get directions using third-party GPS apps and allow you to enable or disable settings toggles.

One of the major new features in AssistantLove 1.4 is support for Google Maps for iPhone, so you can use Siri to get directions from Google Maps instead of using Apple’s Maps app. AssistantLove already supports other third-party maps applications such as Waze, TomTom, Navigon, Motion-X etc. You can configure the default Maps app via the Settings app (Settings -> AssistantLove).

The update also supports the music streaming service Grooveshark, in addition to Spotify, which will allow you to use Siri to play your favorite music on Grooveshark or Spotify rather than the native Music app. You can configure the default Music app via the Settings app (Settings -> AssistantLove).

One of my favorite features is the ability to enable or disable Settings toggles such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. using Siri. The update will now allow you to also enable or disable Settings toggle for LTE and 3G.

You can also tell Siri to “turn Flashlight on” and it will promptly switch on the flashlight, which is a lot more useful then struggling to enable it using an app or Notification Center shortcuts in the dark.

You can add aliases for apps via the Settings app (seems a little buggy at the moment), so instead of saying launch Tweetbot, you can add an app alias, which will tell Siri that you want Tweetbot to be launched when you say “launch Twitter”.

Here’s a brief demo of the app in action below :

AssistantLove is available on Cydia for $1.99.

I bet you will start using Siri a lot more after installing AssistantLove, so get it from Cydia and let me know how it goes in the comments.

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  • Apel P


  • Alan

    Awesome! Have been eagerly waiting for it. Google Maps integration is a huge bonus.

  • Pacomacman

    Does anyone ever check the layouts of this site on an iPad. Since this site is for Apple users I would have thought it a priority?

    The comments box is overlaying the top comment!

    Also pinch to zoom is causing the whole screen to redraw revealing an unwanted static black phone image behind every single article.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Thanks for reporting the issue.

      It is indeed a priority. We are currently looking at how to optimize the website for the iPad, and revamp the site for the iPhone. Stay tuned!

      • Ryan

        Yeah one of the ads that run just makes the background on my I pad flash to where I can’t hardly read anything. I’m not sure which ad I can only see a millimeter of it on the left hand side of the screen. It gets a little bigger when it flashes but I still can’t ee it

  • DaReality

    If you have a flashlight app, you can tell Siri to open the flashlight app without jailbreaking. It has been like that since 6.0.

    Otherwise I just jailbroke for my 1st time in 4 years. Pretty cool and a lot more stable than the past if you don’t overdo it. I may try this app too.

    • Robotpedlr

      Yes, but you can not tell Siri to turn it on..still saves steps. Almost instant access to Flashlight in ON mode…and then tell it to turn it off..

      • DaReality

        Yes you can. You just say, “open flashlight” and your flashlight app will open and automatically turn on the led. Try it.

    • Rounak Jain

      Wow, I feel so stupid to not have thought of that ever. Thanks!

      • DaReality

        No problem at all and don’t feel stupid. Have a great day.

  • 7amada

    g’day folks ! tseems like my amazon payment for assistant love would be valid for one year only ! does this mean that once the year’s up, i won’t be able to use spotify for free via assistant love ? thanx. btw, what’s siri ? i have cydia, is siri in there somewhere ? i’m very very new to all of this so plz bear with me !

  • Cativo

    Nice app, but the Google Maps implementation needs a little more work. Often times when I navigate to a destination, it needs a starting point instead of defaulting to my current location. Also if I ask Siri to “show traffic”, Google Maps opens in navigation mode with “null” for the destination. Needs to open in plain fly over mode.

  • Eric

    Is there Google Voice integration? Can I say call “Brian” or text “Amy” and have it use Google Voice instead of the phone and messages apps?