Auxo Updated With Improvements And Bug Fixes


Auxo – the awesome replacement for the iOS app switcher and one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks currently, has been updated with number of improvements and bug fixes.

Auxo replaces the app icons in the app switcher with a card-like screenshot of the current state of the app. The app cards makes it easier to identify the app you want to launch from the app switcher.

It allows you to remove apps from the app switcher by swiping down on the app and kill multiple apps by using multiple fingers.

The developers have also re-imagined the playback page in the app switcher with improved playback controls, a full-sized album artwork and more details about the song that’s now playing.

It also gives you quick access to frequently used Settings toggles like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, orientation lock, Airplane mode etc.

Here’s what’s new in Auxo v1.3.3-3:

  • Fixed a crash with Activator
  • Fixed a brightness bug on iOS 5
  • Improved Overall Performance
  • Addressed a Memory Leak
  • Fixed Landscape Compatibility
  • Fixed iOS 6.1 Brightness Bug
  • Fixed ScrollingBoard Compatibility

Auxo is available on Cydia for $1.99.

So grab Auxo v1.3.3-3 from Cydia and let me know how it goes. If you’ve Zephyr installed, then please proceed with caution as some users are reporting random crashes after installing the latest Auxo update. The developers are currently investigating the issue and should have a fix for it soon.

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  • Guest

    Works great for me and solve all the bugs!!! Thanks Auxo Team!!!

  • Romarinho

    Works great for me and solved all the bugs! Thanks Auxo Team!!!

  • Andrew

    Auxo Is so amazing. I love it. U can actually swipe down four apps to close them with multi touch. Thought that was kinda cool. I originally only thought u could close only two that way but it apparently will do up to four.

  • JoshnKY

    Glad they got the kinks worked out, It was causing my springboard to crash so I had to uninstall it.

  • untzuntz

    Installed Auxo this morning and it works great! works well with zephyr too.

  • Omar

    Unfortunately its still crashing has anyone got any tips for me?

  • Edd13Andr3ws

    Causes crashes for me too with springboard installed iphone 4S 6.1.1

    • Hansley Liew

      cam crash?

  • DennyCool

    There is new version of AUXO 1.3.3-5 in Cydia

  • Hansley Liew

    Had this and Zephyr on and it keeps on crashing my cam apps :(
    any help?

  • mika

    downloaded auxo but icon does not show on screen and is not working.Have tried removing and reinstalling without success.Any suggestions?Thanks

    • Andrew

      There is no app for it. It’s in settings. Also open ur app switcher after u install and u will see that it’s installed.

  • scandyj

    im still crashing 1 out of 5 double home button presses… sucks i like this app alot

  • Defiantmacho

    Not everything was fixed by the AUXO update. Bluetooth pairing is still a no go!