BTNotificationEnabler: Jailbreak Tweak Brings More iPhone Notifications To Pebble Smartwatch


If you’ve got or getting Pebble, the e-paper smart watch, then we’ve some exciting news for you.

A new jailbreak tweak called BTNotificationEnabler has recently hit Cydia that will send all your Notification Center notifications to Bluetooth devices like Pebble.

The jailbreak tweak will be very useful for Pebble users as currently it can get notifications only for incoming calls, emails, messages, Calendar and Reminders out of the box.

BTNotificationEnabler removes the limitation and gives you an option to send notifications even for third-party apps from your iPhone to Pebble over MAP (Messaging Access Profile).

As you can see in the screenshot below, Conrad Kramer aka conradev, the developer of the tweak has also added an option that will allow you to enable or disable Notifications at an application level.


Let’s hope that the Pebble team can improve the reliability of the connection between the smartwatch and the iPhone, as it seems to be the biggest gripe at the moment.

I will let you know how the BTNotificationEnabler tweak works when I get Pebble. I’m told it’s on the way.

I can’t wait to see what else the hackers will do to enhance the functionality of smartwatches like Pebble.

Via: conradev

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  • Chris

    View over Bluetooth option not working for me :(. Still a very cool tweak though!

    • iPhoneHacks

      So the notifications for other apps are coming through, you just can’t filter them?

      • Chris

        The update this morning to the tweak fixed it… But you still need View on Lock Screen enabled for that option to work which is lame! I want to use Sparrow for mail but receive notifications via Mail since they are formatted correctly, to do this I’d have to display Mail on lockscreen which is a bummer.

  • Mitch

    The update may have fixed this. I don’t really feel like testing it. But in a notification do NOT scroll down past the text or your phone freezes. You cant reboot repair hit a button nothing. You have to wait till it dies. Which sucked thankfully it froze with my backlight on so it died quickly.

    • mitch

      WATCH freezes**

  • Ray

    is there any way to connect to a rooted motorola motactv?