How To Convert Tethered iOS 6.x Jailbreak Into Untethered Jailbreak Using evasi0n 6.x Untether


As we had reported earlier, evad3rs dev team has just released the package on Cydia called evasi0n 6.x Untether.

It gives iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4G users who had jailbroken their iOS devices on iOS 6.x using Redsn0w the option to convert the tethered jailbreak into an untethered jailbreak.

Converting from an tethered to an untethered jailbreak would save you the trouble of reinstalling the jailbreak apps and tweaks. However, it hasn’t been tested fully so the conversion process may have some bugs. So if you don’t want to take any chances then MuscleNerd has advised iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4G users to restore to iOS 6.1 using iTunes to get ready for the evasi0n jailbreak.

I just tested it out on an iPod touch 4G and it worked without any issue. Follow these simple steps to convert your iOS 6.x tethered jailbreak to an untethered jailbreak:

  • Launch Cydia
  • Tap on the Search Tab
  • Then search for evasi0n 6.x Untether
  • Select evasi0n 6.x Untether from the search results


  • Then tap on the Install button, followed by the Confirm button
  • After it is successfully installed, reboot your device.
  • When it reboots for the first time, you will see the evasi0n logo along with the status of the conversion process such as Initializing offsets, Cleaning up…, Done! Continuing boot.

Now if you reboot your device again, you should not have any problem using apps such as Cydia.

Let us know how it goes.

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  • angeleyes

    can u give me the source thanks

    • iPhoneHacks

      It’s in Cydia Telesphoreo, which is one of the default repo so you don’t need to add it.

      • Sqmala

        This has been out since 12 noon est time

    • Ammarxv

      the source is already there just search for it…. I have done mine :)

    • moe22

      it will appear on your iphones update list within cydia.

  • Rave

    Worked fine on my iphone4

  • barb

    how do you add battery percentage? i used this jailbreak and am wondering how you add battery percentage on your status bar?

    • iPhoneHacks

      You get that option when you’re jailbreaking your device using Redsn0w. You don’t get that option to enable it while converting the tethered jailbreak to an untethered jailbreak.

      • barb

        Is there a way i can use a tweak to add that feature? i really liked it

        • It’s Here

          Do you mean “Settings/General/Usage/Battery Percentage?

  • Trak

    my cydia doesnt update its sources . can some1 help

  • Cody

    I have Cydia Telesphoreo source, but evasi0n 6.x Untether doesn’t show. Strange….

  • Dante Fontenot

    Worked good! Any one have any issues with PDA NET saying Please reboot iPhone first before turning on wifi hotspot.

  • Leadfred

    What if I used sn0wbreeze instead of redsn0w?

  • Keri Yeso

    Is there any advantage in staying on 6.0.1 and JB or is it best to update to 6.1? is there any compatability with 6.1 over 6.0.1 that anyones noticed?

  • Abink Lampalin

    how build custom ipsw (NO BB) 6.1 for 3GS

  • marissss

    it doesn’t want to show up? why?

  • Casey

    Just rebooted and now stuck on a screen with the an E logo and says “Finding offsets…” for about 15 minutes.

  • eags77

    i jailbroke my iphone 4 using evasi0n – it is untethered, why is this showing up in cydia? should i remove it or let it upgrade? will it break my untethered jailbreak?

  • eags77

    I jailbroke iphone4 using invasi0n, it is untethered obviously. Why is this showing up in Cydia? Should I upgrade or remove? Will it break my untether?

  • Ryan

    Dose this work if I used snowbreeze?

  • Lukas McKenna

    will this work when untethered ios 6.1.3 comes out?!?!