How To Enable Battery Percentage On Your Jailbroken iPod Touch

If you’ve jailbroken your iPod touch using evasi0n jailbreak and wondering what you should do, then enabling battery percentage is probably the some popular trick.

It’s possible to enable the feature using Springtomize 2, which is the mother of all jailbreak tweaks, and also allows you to customize almost every aspect of your iOS device.

To enable battery percentage, install Springtomize 2 on your jailbroken iPod touch. It’s available for $2.99 on Cydia and in my opinion worth every penny.

Battery Percentage

When Apple released iOS 3.0 (previously known as iPhone OS 3.0), it added a toggle for Battery Percentage, which allowed users to see the remaining battery power in percentage, which much more easier than the bar indicator.

Unfortunately, at that time for some reason known only to Apple, the feature was not available on iPod touch. I was shocked to find out that it is still not available on the 4th or 5th generation iPod touch even on iOS 6.1.

You can enable the Battery Percentage using Springtomize 2. You have an option called Battery Percentage under Capabilities, below the HDR and Panorama options.


After enabling it, you will see a new Battery Percentage toggle in the Settings app under General -> Usage as seen below. If you tap on the On/Off toggle to enable it, it will start showing the remaining battery power in percentage just like the iPhone.


You can also enable the hidden Contacts app on the Home screen of the iPod touch just like we’ve enabled the other features.

Let me know how it goes.

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  • Jon

    Um, I have an iPod Touch 5G jailbroken on iOS 6.1 and it has all these features enabled except battery percentage with no mods.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Sorry that was an error. We have corrected the article.

  • hm?

    Kind of irrelevant from the article, but why is there a massive Samsung advertisement?

  • Odagman

    Will this work on iPod touch 4G?

    • iPhoneHacks

      Yes it will

  • ppppp

    will this work on iphone 4?

    • Steroc

      Battery percentage is already on iPhones. Go to Settings/General/Usage

  • Opyz

    Ipod touch 5 stock have this features already

    • Opyz

      Exept battery percent

      • iPhoneHacks

        Sorry that was an error, we have corrected the article.

  • DasH0212

    mmmm…is it correct?

  • Mikaël Brochu

    It’s not easier to enable battery percentage with SBSettings?

  • Gustavo Aguilar

    How come when I enable it, it gets rid of my FaceTime app icon, and even removes it from my settings…?

    • Ankit

      Dude just go to capabilities in springtomize and enable all of the switches. This will enable Battery Percent and will also maintain all of the existing features (including facetime) ;)

  • Mystique

    My problem is when I downloaded springtomize on my husband’s itouch 5g there’s no “capabilities” option. I had it in my iPhone and iPad. What happened to it? The only time I need it and its not available

  • Kim

    Whats that Springtomize?