evasi0n 1.5 Released To Improve Boot-Up Time


Hot on the heels of releasing evasi0n 6.0-6.1.2 Untether Cydia package, evad3rs dev team has also released a new version evasi0n – evasi0n 1.5 that improves boot-up times and also comes with updated Cydia package list.

evad3rs dev team had released evasi0n 1.4 to jailbreak iOS 6.1.2, that was released earlier in the week to fix the Exchange Calendar bug.

Here’s the complete change log for the five versions of evasi0n released by the evad3rs team this week:

Version 1.5:

  • Improved boot-up time.
  • Updated included Cydia package list.

Version 1.4:

  • Support for 6.1.2

Version 1.3:

  • Support for 6.1.1 on the iPhone 4S.

Version 1.2

  • Disable OTA updates.
  • Correct timezone issue in evasi0n binary if client fails to correct it.

Version 1.1

  • prevent Weather app from appearing on iPads.
  • mitigated the long reboot issue.
  • fix issue with not working after connecting multiple iOS devices
  • fix blinking of the jailbreak instructions on OS X.
  • codesigned Mac app.

Version 1.0

  • first public release

Head over to our download page to download the latest version of evasion for Mac, Windows or Linux.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 with evasi0n in case you need any help.

If you’ve already jailbroken your iOS device using evasi0n then you don’t need to re-jailbreak using evasi0n 1.5, all you need to do is install the evasi0n 6.0-6.1.2 Untether package from Cydia, which should be available via the Changes tab.

Let us know if you’ve noticed any improvements in boot-up time or if it has fixed any booting problems.

Via: evasi0n website

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  • http://www.facebook.com/lele0211 Le Zhou

    Do I have to jailbreak my iphone 5 using evasion 1.5 again? (last jailbreak was with 1.4)

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      No you don’t need to rejailbreak, you can install unther 6.0-6.1.2 Untether from Cydia

      • AT&T Rapes Me

        So the cydia update gives u the faster boot up also

        • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

          Yes, it is essentially the same update for users who have already jailbroken their iPhone.

    • Carlos

      Maybe read the article.

  • kevinshah

    does it fix the app store and update problem ..?

    • Yukito

      Just uninstall Bridge! That’s the culprit of your problem!

  • Jon Dough

    After updating to 6.1.2 how do I save my shsh hashes? I use tinyumbrella, but it hasn’t been updated yet? The window to save is closing what can I do?

  • rapplafarian

    my internet connection using my data is getting slower. is this problem caused by my cellular provider or sumtin else? im from malaysia. iphone 5, evasi0n 1.5, ios 6.1

  • Tohid

    Problem (( ” No Service ” in version ios 6.1.2 )) please help mee !!!!!!


    • http://twitter.com/robbiehirzian Bie Partical ☠ ☀

      what model version do you have? maybe it software unlock, not factory unlock

      • Tohid

        I paid $ 30 an official unlock the device

  • Tohid

    Unfortunately I did not save my hhs

  • chungpham2004

    iPhone 4S 6.1.2 the weather app still crashes ….

    • Ruck1707

      I found a fix in Cydia, I believe it was called Weather App Fix

  • seth

    If I’ve already JB with 1.4 would I have to restore and then re-JB to gain the benefits of 1.5? The bootup time IS painfully slow so I may be tempted to do so despite the lengthy process of JBing

  • Tohid

    Fktrv unlock my phone back together I did Antshn. Apple did not Aktyvsh

  • http://www.facebook.com/theghostbh TheGhost Web

    how to install intallous ?? or dont need it ??

  • Ramsey

    is it just me or are all evasion 1.5 win links dead?