evasi0n 6.0-6.1.2 Untether Jailbreak Cydia Package Released To Fix Booting Problems


evad3rs dev team has just pushed out an update for the evasi0n Untether jailbreak package on Cydia.

According to the note on Cydia, evasi0n 6.0-6.1.2 Untether version 0.4-1 fixes booting problems that was affecting some users.

evad3rs dev team had released evasi0n 1.4 to jailbreak iOS 6.1.2, that was released earlier in the week to fix the Exchange Calendar bug.

To install the update, launch Cydia, tap on the Changes tab, then tap on Modify, followed by the Upgrade and Confirm buttons. After the package is successfully installed, it will prompt you to Return to Cydia. That’s it.

If you were facing the booting problems, let me know if it has fixed it.

I expect evad3rs dev team to also release an update for evasi0n tool to ensure new jailbreakers don’t hit the issue.

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  • Andrew

    I didn’t have any boot issues but I did a reboot after upgrading the jb. Boots up fine as usual.

  • Tom

    Broke my iphone. Evertime I boot I get the screen quartered and it’s flickering like hell… (also scrolling)

    • http://www.facebook.com/ralph.rittle Ralph Rittle III

      Do a hard reset on your phone it should help.

  • Ollie

    still doesnt work for me. used SB 2.9.11 and upgraded evasi0n 6.0-6.2 in Cydia. Got connnection with valid operator sim but only one bar. After installning Ultrasn0w its No Service. (I’m on BB 01.59.00) its an Iphone 4, previously JB an unlocked with Ultrasn0w.
    Any advice out there?

  • red fruit bite

    after my upgrade the weather app keep crashing on my ipad 4th gen, to remove this weather app icon try installing and unsinstalling the scrolling board (no need to install scrolling board just install and uninstall) i dont know what did the trick coz every file seems to be uninstall on scrolling board…. scrollboard,scrollboard air play ,scrollboard music dock and Plugin files)

  • Goze

    when i boot my cydia shrinks and dosn’t wok anymore

  • Leadfred

    I dont want to update, I didn’t use the untether app. Can I make it not show up in cydia.
    Also iphonehacks your adds are wreaking havoc on my iPad , can’t you do anything about that

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      When you used evasi0n to jailbreak your iPad, it installed the evasi0n untether package, so this is essentially updating that package to fix some issues.

      Thanks for reporting the issue, we’re looking into it.

  • Wes

    every time i boot i still have cydia and winterboard but they do not function.. i can open cydia and download but things do not apply…

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      It sounds like your device is going into safe mode every time it reboots. It could be due to an incompatible jailbreak tweak.

      • wes

        could it be that my ipod up arrow dosent work but every time i boot it without the break it turns the vol all the way up and then stops…?

      • wes

        dosent the vol up arrow open it in safemode?

  • silverwin

    everytime i delete some apps, it crashed and shows safe mode.

    • Paula Tejano

      Don’t you have CyDelete installed? It have a bug that cause this kind of issue in iOS 6. It doesn’t matter if you are deleting App Store or Cydia apps, it will cause a crash and MobileSubstrate Safe Mode kicks in.

    • perfect hacker

      me too

      • perfect hacker

        for the safe mode

  • Andy Macadamus

    my cydia says i have too many packages after the update. How do I fix this?

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Make sure your packages are from legitimate sources such as BigBoss, Cydia/Telesphoreo, ModMyi, and ZodTTD/MacCiti, caused the pirated apps frequently cause problems.

  • nick

    every time i try to jailbreak it stops and says download untetherd jailbreak package on cydia when i dont have cydia yet please help

  • Gizmex05

    Is there a fix for the dimming issue on 4s ios6.1.2?

  • Leemeng Eng

    how to download it? When I downloaded the evasion I always get the attachfile and I don’t know what to do! Why not the real application?

  • Angelito Bacanto

    Accidentally removed Evasion untether package from cydia. Now, iphone is continuously looping, starting from apple logo, lockscreen and then powering down. Powering down also happens even when password is entered and springboard is open.Help!

  • Cragz

    installed after ifaith/snowbreeze jailbreak and everytime i reboot it freezes in soft DFU!
    i want an untethered jailbreak!

    • utku

      me too! I couldn’t fine anything about that. please anybody helps us

  • anna

    I downgraded my iphone 4 from 6.1.3 to 6.1.2 on iTunes using an IPSW built in Sn0wbreeze with IFaith, and I had to jailbreak(tethered) my device using Redsn0w (Just boot). This was the only way to turn on my device.

    Then I look for this package on Cydia and it was already installed! However the jailbreak wasn’t untethered because I turned off my iphone and it didn’t turn on!

    I tried to remove the package and install it again, but nothing happened…
    Please help meee!!!

  • Dexter

    I used snowbreeze make 6.1.2 ipsw n then downgraded fr 6.1.3 to 6.1.2. Then it was stuck in recovery or duff state which I used reds now to just boot/6.0ipsw. Then I installed the evasion 6.0-6.1.2 untethered patch from cydia. Yet I am still tethered. Am I doing something wrong, any advice or suggestion. Thanks

    • denisxex

      i have the same problem,please tell mee if you solved

  • Justin Gittings

    I have 6.1.3 and if I fake it so it looks like 6.1.2 will the cydia package work