evasi0n iOS 6.x Jailbreak Progress Update: Now 85% Complete


evad3rs dev team has just updated the status of the evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 6.1, iOS 6.0.2, iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.

Earlier today, we had reported that they had completed 80% of the work required for the jailbreak

According to the the progress bar on the evasi0n website, they’ve now completed 85% of the work required for the jailbreak.

They have also mentioned that the first major round of testing has concluded successfully on Windows and Mac.  The next step as we reported earlier was to test on more iOS device and firmware combinations.

It is great to know that the first round of testing was successfully, without any major hiccups. planetbeing had said that they had discovered some edge cases, which have been fixed.

It remains to be seen if they’ll be able to complete the testing and release the jailbreak today (it’s Sunday in most parts of the world). While I can’t wait for the jailbreak, it is very important that they test the jailbreak thoroughly to avoid bugs that could brick our iOS device.


evad3rs dev team has just confirmed that the evasi0n jailbreak will be released on Monday, February 4th.

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In the meantime, please don’t forget to check out this post to find out how to prepare for the evais0n jailberak for iOS 6.x.

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  • JB Fan

    Patience :)

  • abood-qtr

    how many hours left???!!!

    • Tre

      Not sure they can even give you an exact time. We just have to keep checking back for the word it’s go time.

  • Simo

    Will this jailbreak ,do the latest Apple TV 2 firmware

  • Tired ‘Ol Sarge

    Will this jailbreak iOS 6.x on an iPhone 4s?

    • snipey36


    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Yes, it will jailbreak iPhone 4S

  • Erik

    I absolutely cannot wait to jailbreak my iphone 5!!! Super Bowl will keep me busy until the release. Thank you guys so much, I appreciate everything you have done for us.

    • PasserBy

      Looks like Funday might actually be bumday :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/srinivas.k.sampath Srinivas K Sampath

    How many hours left for Super Bowl.

  • peros

    These devices are NOT supported for the jailbreak on ios 6.x with evasi0n.

    iPhone 2G
    iPhone 3G
    iPod Touch 1G
    iPod touch 2G
    iPod touch 3G
    iPad 1
    Apple TV 3

    • Brice

      Only becuase they can’t update to IOS 6! But I bet if you were to use whited00r they would works on the IOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak!

      • Kenan

        Whited00r doesn’t update the device to iOS 6, it just installs some of the features from it, like siri and the app switcher.

      • peros

        People asking and asking again and again,if there device support jailbreak with evasi0n.Even if its says clearly they still asking,so i just make this post so they can understand little better. Dont confuse thems with Whited00r.And as Kenan says its only installs some of the features.

  • makila masta

    Sabali ! Meaning Patience

    • time waits for no man


  • Slick

    I can’t breathe And i am not holding my breath

  • http://www.facebook.com/FarhanshahF Farhan Shah

    Confirmed iDevices:
    *iPhone 5
    *iPhone 4S
    *iPhone 4
    *iPhone 3GS
    *iPad Mini
    *iPad 4
    *iPad 3
    *iPad 2
    *iPod Touch 4G
    *iPod Touch 5G
    *AppleTv 2 Gen
    Cant wait! :(

  • Pussy Whisperer.

    If the progress bar shows realistic values then I believe they won’t finish the jailbreak today.

    • red fruit bite

      i agree, 85%? ummmmmmmmmmmmhhh….. i can imagine the hard worked they doing , since they posted this status..

    • S K

      I agree, but they may release let’s say the Windows or Mac version when it’s ready, while still working on the Linux port.

  • midhun3197

    What time will it be released ?? Time in GMT please….here its already 3.00PM in Saudi Arabia!! Cant wait to JB my iPad3 !!!! its annoying when I refresh the page and still see the status bar unchanged !!! :(

  • Andrew

    If the website is showing the true status, then I don’t see it being released today. However I would love to be proved wrong.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lprahman Łp ŘáĦmãŋ

    can’t wait………..

  • Formedmeerkat4

    Guys,it is released after superbowl finishes

    • Andrew

      Who told u that. Sounds like a load of bs to me.

  • Tre

    You have gotta love this stuff. Keepin me on the edge of my seat. Even better than a stinkin reality show. Way to go evad3rs Keep up the great work. Apple products are just AWESOME!!!!!!

  • abood-qtr

    from 8 hours 85% !!!

  • Jsmith

    No Jailbreak today sports fans. Perhaps in a couple more days. Oh well.

  • S K

    Guys, donate donate donate when they successfully release the jailbreak, even if it’s only a couple of $! I am sure they are not only doing it for the money, but making it worth their while is the only way we can make sure they will also have the time and resources to work on future jailbreaks.

  • knkknk

    5pm cet and no jailbreak

  • 5iphone

    Super Bowl champs! evad3rs

  • Marcio

    they are stuck!! :s

  • simon

    its 1:15 here its suppose to be release at 1;00

    • http://www.facebook.com/THExREALxTACO Jeremy Taco Patterson

      At no point was there a time, or even a DATE, announced. Beat it, troll.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.krasnov Joseph Krasnov

    I think it be Monday or Tuesday, regardless of the day it is still awesome.

  • http://twitter.com/StefanKicksAss Phite Wower

    I didn’t sleep last night and came around this forum around 6 A.M., now I am just too impatient for this. I just got a brand new 4S about a month ago and I NEED to jailbreak it. I can’t wait.

  • Anonymouse

    We got trolled :(

    • Kevin

      really? I can see why you kept your name as “Anonymouse” !!!!!

      it will be ready when it’s ready, if there’s any TROLLING going on, it’s by YOU !!!! now stop wasting peoples time posting bullshit, there’s a good lad ;)


  • Chad

    They now have the links up do Mac, Linux, and windows but not content linked for the download!!!! Really close!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1740590440 Abel Goddard

    Today, tomorrow, whenever. Just awesome that its coming!

  • jesdaking

    I have updated my iphone over OTA then I connected my phone to itunes and holde down power and home buttom for 10 sek then realise power buttom, and keep holding down the home buttom for anout 5 sek. itunes will start downloading the new firmware 6.1 to itunes, and install it to the iphone.

    Am i good or cant i jailbreak??

    • ayman

      what you talking about !! i dont understand !! u mean u can jailbreak virsion 6.1 ?????? if that your question .. yes you can

      • jesdaking

        I did a OTA update to 6.1, a mistake OK! now want my Iphone to be ready for the reliase. So i did this full restore from itunes, and wanted to know if i had setup the phone correct…

    • JCT

      yes that will let you do full restored which is what you have to do

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.cerviche Ryan Cerviche

    Quit living in the past, rest of the world.

  • spidey7777

    can’t wait, it’s Monday morning 2 AM in India !!!!!!!!

  • Ali

    is it up yet?????????? or would it be up by night time????? its almost 4 in NY

  • Genetic2013

    Take your time Evasion to create the ultimate jailbreak. Everybody donate some cash without the jailbreak all our idevice are garbage and most of us would of left apple for Android. Thank you for the hard work and keep it up

    • abc

      true dat

  • Gimmicksz

    Can’t wait to jailbreak my new ipad4, gonna have to come check back at midnite after work :)


    Kick Off !!! time will be the release of the evas0n jailbreak

  • Q

    … Or 15% incomplete :-)

  • red fruit bite

    Looks like today is to December 22, 2012…..

    • JCT

      lol except the team never said they would release today we were like hints but they never admited to it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.isadore.1 Ryan Isadore

    To those complaining or whining about the release time and date… Shut up! These guys have to sleep and they have lives apart from the JB. They didn’t promise it would be out today. They’re making sure to test it completely so when everyone starts running it our devices to brick. Chill the hell out and have some patience. We all want it, but i don’t want to lose my phone cuz they missed something by doing a rush job.

    • Andrew

      Even when u brick your IPhone. DFU mode always saves the day.

  • iphone 5

    I bet all the jailbreak team are going to watch the super bowl so i guess we will have to wait and be patient

  • iphone 5

    i bet 85% untill 9:00 tonight

  • Excaliburcombo


  • http://www.facebook.com/aemng Ayman Gazal

    any one can tell me !! how much we should wait more ? and thank for them any way .. for the hard work !! i hope it will be tomorrow is the funestday :P haha

  • Trapp

    So the sunday was a no go day :D Still cheering Evaders! I can wait another year if it’s still coming!

  • jmon3

    at the end Jailbreak is missed spelled btw.

  • Leadfred

    Hmmmm, just checked Cydia. Update for sbsettings that fixed the process toggle was fixed. It kept respringing my phone. Maybe we are close now.

  • B.cerdic007

    How to download

  • the truth

    These guys were great but lately they aren’t up to the task. Anyway thanks for the past glorious days.

  • potato

    90% now

  • balls

    just tweeted release will be tomorrow.

  • the tourist

    It’s up to 90% now

    • the tourist

      final testing and preparation

  • Taco Bender

    90% COMPLETE

  • Taco Bender

    91%: Final testing and preparation. Come back soon!

  • Jeff

    90%! Next step, release!!!

  • Grayson Anthony

    They Just Updated Their Website. Now it is at 91%: Final testing and preparation. Come back soon!

    Next step: Release!

    • S K

      Nice! Checked 5 mins ago, and that wasn’t there yet. Thanks for updating!

  • The tourist

    It just moved to 91% .im estimating around half time est

  • Christian


  • 91

    91% now….getting closer

  • Grayson Anthony

    Pod2g Also just tweeted “Final count down toward tomorrow’s release has begun!

  • Tre

    I just checked the website & it has now gone to 91%. We are getting oh so close to our dream of the latest untethered jailbreak. 4:33pm PST. SWEEEEEEET

  • Taco Bender

    100%: Release!
    Next step: Download


  • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.hash Brandon Hash

    it’s at 91% now. looks like it’ll be released soon :)

  • Speed9044

    Evasi0ns website says they are at 91% come back soon. Woot woot way to go guys

  • Alex

    Updated 91%

  • Anal Glaucoma

    Looks like tomorrow now

  • Taco Bender

    92%: Final testing and preparation. Come back soon!