evasi0n iOS 6.x Jailbreak Progress Update: Private Beta Testing Has Started


evad3rs dev team has updated the status of the evasi0n jailbreak on their website.

According to the the progress bar on the website, they’ve now completed 75% of the work required for the jailbreak. Yesterday, the progress bar was at 68% after they confirmed that the apps for Mac and Windows were completed.

They’ve also mentioned that they’re working on the Linux client for the evasi0n jailbreak and private beta testing has started for Mac and Windows version of the apps.

pod2g has also briefly commented that they are “close to the release.” While it is widely speculated that the evasi0n jailbreak will be released on Sunday, Friday 3rd, pod2g had clarified yesterday that the release date is not certain.

So while I’m sure you’re excited and can’t wait for the jailbreak to be released, please be patient. It is important that they test the jailbreak thoroughly to avoid bugs that could brick your iOS device.

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  • Zab

    Because of jb I bought an iPhone 5 yesterday . Without the jb iPhone is useless for me.

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Nice :)

      • Damani Brown

        How does it make you feel to be a “Mod?” :D

    • surfin4hot

      i also got my girlfriend an ipad mini yesterday. only hassle is that OS is not yet updated to 6.1. BUT not a complete hassle when I know that evasi0n JB is on its way. preppin my $50 now for the donation cuz ill be JBing at least 7 apple products.

  • tre

    Keep up the good work EVAD3RS DEV TEAM!

  • Rick

    I’m so excited for this jailbreak so I think I do my pants

  • Dkamelot

    That’s nice. Hope to see the JB soon. Hope it will solve my problem with the iMessage and FaceTime activation (4S, 6.1).

  • Alexx

    shut up and release it NOW…I am tired

    • http://www.facebook.com/THExREALxTACO Jeremy Taco Patterson

      I don’t know exactly who the —- you think you are, but demanding anything from the Dev Team is exactly the wrong thing to do. They NEED to test test TEST everything to avoid potentially disastrous problems that could both brick your phone AND void the warranty at the same time.

      So maybe you need to cool it and wait the few more days to make sure we get a quality product.

  • genXhippie

    “Without the jb iPhone is useless for me.”
    Likewise, I just purchased (today) an iP5 today, because the jb is nearly ready. :)

    • Damani Brown

      Why not simply wait for the next iPhone. You’re about to be one of those “out of date” iPhone users. They aren’t cool. LOL

  • Alexx

    first: WE ARE WAINTING FOR 6.1 GM…..

    so..we have a GM ios…..

    NOW: no date, maybe…

    • Andrew

      6.1 is already released u idiot. Plus def donating. Please don’t b fooled by fake JB websites. Pod2g has warned is all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ralph.rittle Ralph Rittle III

    I myself bought the Iphone 5 had the Samsung Galaxy note 2 and I am switching back because of the Jailbreak coming out. Thanks Ebay lol. Going back to Iphone with straight talk lol.

  • Lespru

    believe it when I see it….

  • Sscamaro200(ps3)

    Everyone of u idiots complaining and or have something negative to say should go kick rocks. Seriously, if “apple sucks without a jailbreak” then go get those weak ass samsung phones then and shutup. Im on here everyday listening to you clowns cry like youve done ONE SINGLE PIECE OF WORK. please shut your mouth. Or get a samesung. Good day.

    They will be personallyy gettin a hefty donation from me

    • Damani Brown

      How much if hefty to you? $1.50 LOL

    • beilever


    • Mini

      yeah… samsung phones are bad…
      ooooh one person hates Samsung. Big f*cking deal
      iPhone 5 without jailbreak so boring.

      In case you haven’t realized, Apple did use some of the jailbreak tweak concepts and implemented into iOS.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.sytnik Eugene Sytnik

    same old tired roundabout

  • Hazmobile

    Just out of curiosity, are there many Linux users out there? I would have thought that majority iphone users would have a Mac or win pc at least. And if there are many Linux user, are they totally reliant on that?

  • Luis Rivera

    I can’t wait. I’m used to donate $20.00 per device. Also, I jailbreak for my friends but make them donate first. One million thanks to the evad3rs…

  • Jays_on

    To my knowledge they never waited to release a JB on account of Linux , sounds fishy to me!

    • me

      That’s not what the article says, idiot.

      • In their defense…

        In the original posters defense, the evasion website itself currently says Linux is the reason why it’s not finished yet.


    oh noooooo!


    oh God please help the JB DREAM TEAM !! ;)

  • Lick my left nut

    I have donated to the research and development to the JB, I am a developer and understand the hours and hours of time and work that goes into such a project, nothing like this can be rushed all the clowns that complain can lick my left nut! And go buy cheap plastic jelly bean or what ever lollie they are up to and then complain when the device runs as good as a 5th hand 2 stroke lawn mower made in china. There are soooooooo many takers in this world who want JB for free, I say to all the free loaders, how about you make the JB and let us break your balls about the free release of it! Then you might start to understand the difficulty in such a time consuming (non profit) project done in spare time among other things……. Yes all devices can be JB for ages on ios 6 but the problem is with a public release without the need of a dev account….