evasi0n Jailbreak Already Downloaded More Than 450,000 Times

evasi0n-iconIf you were one of the thousands who were busy hitting refresh right when evasi0n was about to release, you’d have noticed that the download links exceeded their capacity pretty soon. Thankfully, the evad3rs team anticipated this, and setup a number of mirrors for each version of the tool. We have some statistics about the the evasi0n jailbreak tool, thanks to a few tweets by members of the evad3rs team.

evasi0n was downloaded more than a 100,000 times within just 10 minutes of its release, as noted in a tweet by planetbeing. He added that the team’s signed up for 2TB of bandwidth on Box.com, and they blew through half of that limit within just 10 minutes.

As of now they’ve used 4.2 TB of bandwidth on Box.com’s servers, which at around 10 MB per download comes to around 450,000. And that’s just one of the mirrors. The site has three listed.

pod2g added that the evasi0n.com website saw more than 270,000 concurrent visitors, which presumably was the peak at around the time of release.

Have you jailbroken your iOS device today? If so, which one? 

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  • Zephyr

    I am truly grateful for the people on the evad3rs team, they give iOS devices so much more potential!

  • Ron

    thanks guys,
    you saved the day!!!
    great work

  • Jsull

    Thanks evad3rs team, I greatly appreciate this!!!!

  • Svoy

    Great…Thanks Guys….

  • StinkyNuts

    WOW! I knew the JB community was big. But, 450K?! GEEZE. Those repositories are taking a beating right now!

  • http://twitter.com/nabariba nabariba

    donate some money guys… they deserve it!

    • winnipeg,MB

      Donation DetailsConfirmation number:96K19052M9629893ADonation amount:$2.00 USDTotal:$2.00 USDPurpose:iOS 6.0/6.1 Jailbreak TeamReference:2650Contributor:Laurence Saul

      Recipient informationDonations coordinator:Jay Freeman

  • Apel P

    HOLY CRAP! Now imagine if half the people that downloaded this gave even $1. THATS CRAZY!!!! But they sooooooo deserve it.

  • Steve

    iPad Mini and iPhone 4S working good. Cydia must be major overloaded. Can’t get anything there..

  • Steve

    Just donated $5 to the cause. Thanks Team..Wish I could do more!

  • http://www.facebook.com/RejectKid Adam Buchanan

    I’m donating too! they’ve worked hard!

  • Andy

    i second that! DONATE to these guys they deserve it. Even a $1

  • ammar

    just donate $5…

  • Lsprelude

    WOW YOU GUYS REALLY ROCK. THANKS A LOT. $5 to you all, wish I could do more. THANKS

  • Agnius

    iphone 4, ipad 4 retina and another iphone 4. great job. THANK FOR JAILBREAK TEAM!!!

  • Agnius

    iphone 4, ipad 4 retina and another iphone 4. great job. THANKS FOR JAILBREAK TEAM!!!

  • Agnius

    Donated 3 dollars. Thanks again

  • Is0n3t

    Take that App Store evasi0n ftw