evad3rs Team Working on Fix for Weather App Crashing Issue

Weather-iconA lot of jailbreakers are reporting that the weather app on their iPhones has stopped working after the evasi0n jailbreak, and crashes on launch.

Additionally, on the iPad, evasi0n jailbreak puts the hidden iPhone weather app on the home screen.

In a tweet, evad3rs member Muslenerd said that planetbeing is working on a fix for the weather app problem, though he doesn’t specify which of the problem he’s referring to.

pod2g adds that the fix will be on Cydia, once the evad3rs team is able to figure out a solution. By the volume of affected people, we think he’s referring to the crashing bug, but it’s likely that the fix addresses both these issues.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone with a non-functional stock weather app, and you require weather conditions in your region, you could try alternative free apps like Weather Nueue or The Weather Channel or check out our top picks.

Are you facing the issue? Let us know in the comments below. We’ll keep you informed about the fix, so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or join our Facebook Fan pagefollow us on Twitteradd us on Google+ or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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  • ichigeta

    i have no issues with two iphones 5 all normal

  • Dazed & Confused

    They’ve been testing this for HOW long and missed compatibility with a STOCK app? Not to be ungrateful but what else was ‘simply’ missed? Also, what is the point of a jailbreak when nothing can be downloaded other than the jailbreak itself? Yes, I know about overworked servers and overworked hackers but, I’m just sayin’.

    • cabbit

      Wow, how ungrateful of a cynical b*stard you are. How about a “Thank You!”?

      • Dazed & Confused

        At least I’m not a child resorting to name calling disallowing honest opinion about an issue that at this point is true.

      • Dazed & Confused

        My thank you was in the form of a $100 PayPal donation. What did you offer other than a smart *ss reply??

    • mE.!

      restore your iDevice in iTunes and your problem is solved. do not re-jailbreak and your iDevice will continue to work as intended. Also – feel free to develop your own jailbreak (in a timely manner) without any anomalies!

    • AG

      You are ungrateful. You decided to JB as soon as it’s released then decided to piss’n’moan about some irrelavent app not working. i’ve had to wait ages like everyone else for this release and currently my 5.1.1 JB works just fine. I’m not going to jump into it just because it’s available. LESSON: let idiots like you do the real world testing, then JB when sound!!!

      • Over&Out

        What a looser you are, let the man speak, he does have a valid point. Calling someone an idiot for having an opinion only reflects upon YOUR ignorance and intolerance.

        • surfin4hot


    • key

      it’s called marketing and it worked. say a release is near, people keep checking the websites. they finally “release” a date – feb 3rd, people check on feb 3rd – not out yet – only a “will be released feb 4th !!” – so everyone (all 450,000) downloaders checked back on the 4th also. tons of money was made from ad revenue

    • DavidK

      It does make you wonder what else is amiss. Who knows as controlling as Apple is they may be writing bugs into their firmware that only surface when jailbroken; not referring to the weather thing. Mine doesn’t work either but I didn’t notice till I read this article nor have I been able to download anything on cydia all day. But, who cares its just a phone.

  • mmr

    my stock weather app still works fine

    • Jimothy


    • Damani Brown

      Mine works to perfection. I guess people are unlucky. I’m usually the unlucky one. Made 3,600 today trading stock options, then put in an order to close the position and got in the shower thinking my order would get filled while I was in the shower. Well, my luck is usually pretty bad all the time and I got out the shower and the stock completely reversed and my 3.6k profit was a $25 gain. Are you kidding me. Trades like that don’t happen everyday. I have absolutely no clue why I’m telling life stories on an internet blog post, I think I should stop now… very weird. My weather is fine is all I’m trying to say.

  • peros

    iphone 4.
    stock app weather dont work for me…iphone 5 stock app weather dont work either :)

  • RLC


  • peros

    what about the issue with stock apple logo after restart the iphone? mine it did it 2 times…(iphone5)

  • Jack Black

    I found the TRICK!!!
    Restore your iPhone on iOS 6.1 and configure it as a new iphone on your device.
    Now open weather app and close it again (don’t close it from your multitask bar)
    Now run the jailbreak and restore your data (all with weather app open)
    And after that the Weather app still works!!

    Tested on 3 iPhone 5’s

  • Steve

    Ug! Here comes the Jailbreaking issue again.

    Ok guys, go ahead, but really, STOP TORTURING Developers when legit App Store Apps don’t run on your hacked devices. It’s Apple’s fault, don’t hate poor people trying to make a living and feed their families.

    • Pacomacman

      I agree! I spend so much time diagnosing problems that customers claim is our software only to find their devices are jailbroken. Once they restore their devices the problems go away. I’ve jailbroken my own devices starting right back with the iPhone 1 but quickly realised its a mugs game!

  • Nicolai

    Cydia will not work. I can open it I just can’t get anything from it or add any sources. Please help me. Message me on twitter @Nicolai_JF

  • Joey Mac

    My wifi will not connect, takes a couple tries.. Weather app also will not open.. But who cares.. Cydia is all I need

  • Nicolai

    Cydia doesn’t work.

  • believer


  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.parisi.71 Bill Parisi

    Mine crashing also

  • Joey Pants

    I had no idea that the native weather app wasn’t working. I use TWC. But yeah, Weather isn’t working but I don’t care either. What do I care about? Having a jailbroken iPhone 5. Thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/yolanda.russell Yolanda Danielle

    Mine works fine.

  • Jeff

    My weather app is crashing, and I couldn’t care less. The jailbreak is working, small glitches can be expected.

    • Jeff

      Actually, on my iPhone 5 it crashes. On my ipad 4th gen, iPod touch 5th gen, and iPod touch 4th gen, there is no problem with crashing.

  • raszvan

    i do have a bigger problem my settings button crash without apparent reason after the new jb

  • Djlooni

    Just found out my app crashes when open..not a big issue since there is the weather channel app

    Thank u guys for all your hard work!!!!

  • believer

    after install ALWAYS CLOSE, my phone always crash when I double click home button…

  • Zyler

    Another problem (at least here in Norway) is the clock shows 1 hour earlier than what it is. The time zone is correct though, so that’s weird.
    I’ve tried to restore and re-jailbreak, but to no avail.
    I just had to set it manually and get over it :P

    • Zyler

      BUT, my exchange sync is now bugged. Alerts for meetings and appointments is still an hour too early.

  • KinkyNothing

    I’m guessing it has to do with the kernel patching freezing. And as other posts indicate, it can take as long as 18 minutes (maybe more, don’t know) so just leave it alone till the end. I’m going to try this for sure and let you know

  • fil

    Weather app is crashing / iphone4 / 6.1 / Evasi0n

  • Fro

    Not working ios6.1 iphone5black 16gb. Dutch version

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.kennard Steve Kennard

    The weather is bad here anyway, so who cares!!

  • arvidurs

    Crashes immediately.

  • Irvin

    Crashing weather apps here as well, sometimes other apps and games need to be restarted.

    cydia apps installed:

    Widget task

    Don’t know if any of these maybe causing the instibility, waiting for a fix.

  • Joe Zei

    mine doesnt work just crashes

  • Ever

    Mine crashes, i cant even open it :/ i thought It was because of a Wallpapers i installed but i guess its this

  • med

    i think it’s one tweak cause, because I’ve removed one or more packages from cidya and it worked again.

  • Alan Abimael

    Anyone knows if is possible to jailbreak an inactive iphone 5?