evad3rs Team To Release A Fix For evasi0n Weather App Crashing Issue on Cydia


A quick update on the crashing issue with the stock Weather app after jailbreaking your iPhone with evasi0n that we reported yesterday.

pod2g has just tweeted that they’ve found a solution to the problem and are working on a fix.

Last night, evad3rs dev team had acknowledged the issue and had said that they were investigating the problem.

pod2g has just tweeted that they’re working on a new version of evasi0n, which will include the fix, so that new users don’t hit the problem.

They’ll also be releasing a fix on Cydia for users who have already jailbroken their iPhone with evasi0n to fix the issue.

We’re assuming that they will also hide the weather app on the iPad, which popped up on the Home screen after jailbreaking it using evasi0n. There is no ETA currently, but we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve any more details.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone with a non-functional stock weather app, and you require weather conditions in your region, you could try alternative free apps like Weather Nueue or The Weather Channel or check out our top picks.

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  • Mr. Dumb

    What the other upgrade was then which was pushed to us as soon as we had jail broken our device?

  • Aidie

    That’s if you can actually manage to download it from Cydia :

    • Mr. Dumb

      I did actually :-) alongside couple of others but that did require persistence.

  • John202b

    I bought a sprint iPhone 5 ios 6.0 on eBay and then I updated to ios 6.0.1 OTA. I live outside of US and I can use any sim on my iphone 5 because sprint iphone 5 is unlocked for gsm.now if I update my iphone to ios6.1 with iTunes I need to activate it. I think I will not be to activate it without sprint network. What should I do now? Can I jailbreak without upgrading to ios 6.1 as the current version 6.0.1 was updated via OTA not iTunes ?

    • Mr. Dumb

      Well there might be few more comments coming to help you out here mate, but as far as i know activating with iTunes doesn’t require the sprint sim or anything as such if its factory unlocked. If any, connecting the device with iTunes only should do the job and that’s what i had to do with my iPhone 4 which was subscribed to AT&T

  • Pedro

    Is anyone experiencing a crash when deleting an APP ? My iphone enters in safe mode and do not delete the app …

    • http://www.facebook.com/easypresents Mohammed Ali

      I have the same issue. Every time i try deleting an app, it crashes and the app reappears… Any fix for this?

      Edit: If you have cydelete installed, uninstall this and this should enable you to delete apps without crashing. Cydelete is not compatible for ios6.

      • Josh

        Same problem any fix. I’m on 6.1.2

  • brye

    same case here iphone 4s newly JB weather crashing

    • key

      not true. my 4S stock weather app works just fine.

  • Imran

    Settings>General>Date & Time, Time Zone = Spinning Wheel

  • Dodod

    My iPad 2 after jailbreak, it doesn’t have any weather app

  • Ahmed

    iPhone 4S Jailbreaking have crash over winterbroad but apple jailbreak very rubbish don’t work jailbreak and I wil buy Sony z normal no jailbreak and Sony z have software easy. I am not happy jailbreak crash today.

  • Fonzy

    Jailbroke iPhone 4s, 6.1, first time I got the weather crash, so what I did was clean restore, open the weather app, left open so it would still show in multitasking grid, rejailbreak, and everything works. People need to be patient. It will take a lil more time to get everything back to normal. Much thanks to the evad3rs team. Really appreciate it.

  • Asaf

    Hi, i’ve upgraded from ios 5.1.1 to ios 6.1 on 3gs and jailbreak with this tool. Now i can’t use my gps with all application and also my wifi signal is very poor.
    How can i solve this situation??? Anyone have similar problem and solved it?

  • Rapplafarian

    You guys did a great job for us ios users. There are no words to describe how thankful we are. May god blessed all ya’ll. peace yooo!

  • JMM5184

    My iPhone work restart unless I do a hard reset. Anyone else having this problem?

  • mar10n

    My native phone app alwis crashes. As well as the weather app. Pls help.

  • Todd Carpenter

    Forecast works to put the wx info on the lockscreen, but you are stuck with the last city you looked at before the wx app started crashing.

  • Nicolai

    Anyone know why the iAP Cracker from insanelyi repo doesn’t work? You try to use it then the application closes out.

    • A7md

      it doesn’t work on ios 6.1 you can try iAP free instead