Flex, The Jailbreak App That Lets You Create Your Own Tweaks, Is Now Available on Cydia

flexA couple of weeks ago we’d told you about Flex, a jailbreak app that lets you create your own jailbreak tweaks without any programming background. The app is now live on Cydia’s Big Boss repository right in time for the impending public release of the evasi0n jailbreak.

Flex, if you’re not familiar, lets iOS users make their own jailbreak tweaks without a lot of programming knowledge. Better still, once a user’s managed to create an awesome tweak, he or she can share it with other users right from the app as a “patch.” So even if you aren’t able to make an awesome tweak by yourself, the Flex’s community will still make the app worthwhile.

The app’s organised as three views, one for installed patches, the second for patches that other users have shared and the third is the about section. Each patch is basically a set of “units” that you can create. These units alter the behaviour of class methods in iOS that ultimately lead to a tweak.

Things aren’t as so easy though, you’ll stlil need to know which classes, variables and methods to target and tweak, but the promise of not actually programming still holds true. Exposing internal methods and classes to the average user does have its downsides—he or she could do something that results in an endless reboot cycle, although this shouldn’t be likely since Mobile Substrate should act as a safely net.

In Flex’s description, the developer lists some popular jailbreak tweaks that can be made using the app:

  • Show All Timestamps in Messages
  • Show Contact Photos in Messages
  • Remove the Camera Grabber from the Lock Screen
  • Unlimited Safari Tabs
  • Hide Newsstand

Now that this app is out to the public we can’t wait to see the kind of tweaks that emerge out of this.

Flex is available on Cydia for a price of $3.99.

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  • Xexist

    Looks Promising! Instabuy

  • Lick my left nut

    Why should we pay for a jail broken app! This is what bites about jail breaking you still have to pay for apps, what is the point just wait for apple to add them in ios for free!

    • A dev

      You’re a jackass. Devs work hard creating stuff like this and you want it all for free? Where’s the incentive then for people to strive to make your user experience a whole lot better? Oh, and wait for it for free? SBSettings has been out years for jailbreakers yet I don’t see it on iOS. People like you shouldn’t be allowed to jailbreak.

      • Legend of Gary

        Although I personally wouldn’t mind paying for JB tweaks, the fact that it may not be as useful as i would like (tends to happen alot), it causes conflicts with the phone and i just have to remove it, or if an upgrade to ios comes along the tweak may not be updated to support future versions.. leaving me with an app I don’t even use,,,
        So I usually just end up putting off getting these things off and never pick them up anyways…

    • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

      There are plenty of jailbreak apps that are free, in this case if a developer chooses to take money for his efforts, what’s wrong in that?

  • RandomGamer342

    If this gives me access to the variables in all the apps, this’ll be an instant buy for me.

    A little programming knowledge will go a long way to make some nice app tweaks :)

    • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

      Exactly :D Apple’s documentation can be referenced as well for things that are unknown, although I doubt the documentation would have anything about private APIs

    • Igor

      I was hoping this would be the case also but it is actually quite limited. Maybe it’ll become more useful with updates.

  • Angosmyth

    Hi is there any chance that one of you kind people can make a patch on flex to put my spotify app in landscape. I am looking for this a long time now but can’t seem to find a way around it. This would be much appreciated. Thanks

    • uualt

      Here it is! (created by someone else)

      • Guest

        Image attached…

      • uualt


  • android discution

    could we mabey put it on android please coz not everyone has an ipone