FolderEnhancer, AnyRing, Pull To Refresh Safari, Remove Background Updated With Support For iOS 6.x And iPhone 5


Cydia developers continue to update their jailbreak apps and tweaks with support for iOS 6.x and iPhone 5.

Here are some of the noteworthy apps that have been updated recently.

FolderEnhancer ($2.49)

Folder Enhancer is a popular jailbreak tweak, which as the name suggests enhances iOS folders by adding features such as allowing you to create multiple pages of icons in folders, create folders in folders, create folders directly on the dock and customize the appearance and behavior of folders.

AnyRing ($2.99)

AnyRing allows you to set any song from your iTunes music library as the ringtone. It also allows you to select the start and end time for the ringtone.

You no longer need to go through the lengthy process to set your favorite song as a ringtone.

Orbit ($0.99)

Orbit is a jailbreak tweak that is inspired by the ‘iPhone Expose’ concept. It allows you to quickly switch between Home screen pages by displaying screenshots of all the Home screen pages in a single view, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of swiping between Home screens to find the app.

AquaBoard – Water Effects ($2.99)

The jailbreak tweak adds ripple effects to jailbroken iPhone and iPad’s Home screen and Lock screen.

When you touch the wallpaper, icons, the lock screen, it creates the ripple effect on the SpringBoard. It feels as if your iPhone’s Home screen and Lock screen are covered with water.

Pull to Refresh Safari (Free):

Apple added the pull to refresh feature in the Mail app, but it is still not available in Safari, where I find it more useful. So it is good to know that Pull to refresh has been updated for iOS 6.x.

Remove Background (Free):

It allows you to set an Activator action to kill all the recent used apps from the app switcher. You can also configure the apps that you want to exclude, so that they’re not closed by the tweak. You also have the option to install an SBSettings toggle to kill all the apps in the app switcher.

You can also check out WeeKillBackground Pro ($0.99), if you want to be able to do this from the Notification Center.

Any of your favorite jailbreak apps or tweaks has been updated with iOS 6.1 and iPhone 5 support recently? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Ryu

    Remove Background (Free) with the SBS Toggle is very good if you are like me and don’t like apps you are not using sitting in your task switcher. Open SBS, tap the toggle, all apps close except for app you have active on the screen, nice and neat. Also get “SpringFlash” with SBS toggle to have fast access to a LED flashlight.

  • Guest

    KillBackground (Free) is great. It puts a button in your task switcher (which can be set to always be there or only appear in jiggle mode). It also allows for filtering apps which it won’t close.

  • Afan

    I’ve noticed a samsung ad on the two sides of this site. Is it for real??

    • D4

      Im scared :(….. make it go away!

      • PasserBy

        I Lol’d at this

        • lol

          Adblock is your friend

  • Steroc

    Folder Enhancer has worked on iOS 6 and iPhone 5 since the Evasi0n jailbreak was released. Has on mine anyway.

    • PasserBy

      I have also had this from pretty much day 1 (as soon as I could download from Cydia) and it was working. They released 2 updates since then with various bug fixes I believe.

      This is such a top tweak/improvement and how folders should have been done by apple.

  • Guest

    Does “whatsPad” works on iOS 6.1?

    • Muhammad Khairy Farhan


  • Mad

    Is this site works for Samsung NOW????? If yes I’m done

    • iSung

      I’m thinking the same thing; I would think Apple would be a better target advertiser considering the captive audience but… Samsung advertising on an iPhone Hack site? They ARE a stupid company.

      • Todd Carpenter

        Not much of a marketing guru are you? Why would Apple spend money, advertising on a site that caters to people that already have Apple products and, ostensibly, know more about those products than the average person? Furthermore, most of the people that come here are not completely happy with their Apple products, thus the reason they want to jailbreak or otherwise hack those devices. Samsung, on the other hand, is trying to reach those same people and maybe get some of them to move to a platform that already offers some of the exact same features that we have to jump through jailbreaking hoops to attain.

    • iPhoneHacks

      No, it is just a Samsung ad, we still love Apple products.

  • Shawn Gray

    Remove background reliably crashes my iPad 3 when set to work with activator, shame as I always used this tweak – hopefully the dev will on the case

  • PasserBy

    Something that isn’t so popular on this site is Action Slider. This also included a remove background option (also lets you set 3 other actions such as close current app and some power settings thing). I also like the idea that you slide to take action. Cosmetically cool IMO.

  • Ruy Jauregui

    I have UAfaker working, adblocker, the safari private toggle, but I miss sorely the weathericon to put weather on the status bar/lock screen.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Won’t the weather on the status bar be a battery killer?