IntelliScreenX 6, MyWi 6, Messages+ Get iOS 6 Support


With the imminent launch of the evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 6.x, Intelliborn has released new versions of their popular jailbreak apps – IntelliScreenX, MyWi and M3G to add support for iOS 6.x.

IntelliScreenX 6:

Notification Center is one of my favorite iOS features, but IntelliScreenX makes it even better by adding tons of features such as the ability to access it from the Lock screen, quick access to the full text of the email and Calendar items directly within Notification Center, access Facebook news feed, Twitter timeline, RSS feeds from anywhere in the iOS via the Notification Center.

It also adds useful badges for missed email, SMS, phone calls, and silent status in the status bar. Messages+ which enhances the Messages app also comes bundled with IntelliScreenX.

IntelliScreenX 6 brings the much needed iOS 6 support. It also supports iPhone 5’s taller display. In addition to the iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support, IntelliScreenX comes with Calendar improvements (alerting and ability to choose the calendar), a new toggle for flashlight and some bug fixes.

IntelliScreenX 6 is available for $9.99 on Cydia for new users. Unfortunately, the new version is not a free update, existing users have to pay a steep $4.99 to upgrade to the new version. It’s only free for users who had purchased IntelliScreenX after December 1st 2012.

MyWi 6:

MyWi turns your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Share your WiFi signal via your own WiFi Hotspot or via USB. This allows your iPhone to be connected to a WiFi hotspot, and share that connection to other devices via it’s own Wi-Fi Hotspot.

MyWi 6 supports iOS 6 and iPhone 5’s taller display.

MyWi 6 is available for $19.99 on Cydia for new users. Just like IntelliScreenX 6, the new version of MyWi is not a free update, existing users have to pay a steep $4.99 to upgrade to the new version. It’s only free for users who had purchased MyWi after December 1st 2012.


Messages+ jailbreak tweak as the name suggests enhances the Messages app. It allows you to compose or reply to a text message from anywhere in the iOS. It comes built-in to IntelliScreenX.

Messages+ is available for $7.99 on Cydia for new users. Just like IntelliScreenX 6 and MyWi 6, the new version of Messages+ is not a free update, existing users have to pay $4.99 to upgrade to the new version. It’s only free for users who had purchased Messages+ after December 1st 2012.

It is disappointing to see Intelliborn charge such a high upgrade fee for just adding support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5. Intelliborn argues that making the jailbreak apps compatible with iOS 6 needed a lot of time and effort. While this may be true and we’re glad they’ve added iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support, they seem to forget (or ignore) the fact that they have made it compatible with iOS 6 or later so that they can sell more copies of their tweaks when the evasi0n jailbreak is released. It’s not just for the users, if it was the case they would have added iOS 6 support as soon as it was released.

Let me know what do you think about Intelliborn’s decision to charge such a high upgrade free in the comments.

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  • JB Fan

    Its disappointing that MyWi is charging for iOS 6 support. If you run the numbers, even with a new $4.99 upgrade you still come out ahead vs paying US carriers for tethering, but still….. So, I have MyWi for the iOS 5.1.1 JB, will the “old” version of MyWi work on iOS6?

    • iPhoneHacks

      No, the old version won’t work on iOS 6.

      • JB Fan

        Thanks for the reply. Any word on what other Cydia apps/tweaks wont work on iOS 6? iPhone 4S, 5.1.1 JB is what I currently have. Thanks again!

      • jin n juice

        This is bogus!! MyWi has been charging me every time there is an update for iOS. Appstore apps don’t even do this. Additionally, I have tethering through my carrier. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ll keep supporting them. They charge too much for an update.

        • Drusenija

          “Appstore apps don’t even do this.”

          Only because they can’t, and it’s becoming an issue for developers looking for provide new content for existing users. Look at 1Password for example, they recently upgraded their iOS app from version 3 to version 4, and they released it as a completely new app, simply because they acknowledge that giving every user of version 3 a free upgrade when a substantial amount of work went into it would be bad for business.

          • Z

            Yes, and they also redesigned the whole thing, added new (craved) features that we’ve been bugging them to add for years. Yes, that is a lot of work and it deserves a little love, but MyWi has been the same since the first time I installed it on iOS 3. No new features, just a little interface change. What do you think? They spent 1 year with a team of 20+ people to bring you MyWi 6? No, they just upgraded a few lines of code here and there. It took them more to figure out why it crashes on iOS 6 than it did to actually fix the issue. That’s nothing new, they do not deserve yet another $4.99 after they just received $19.95.

  • Astig_808

    im glad its been upgraded but the price is pretty high :( come on drop the price

    • JB Fan


  • Jose Carlo

    Luckily I bought intelliscreenx x yesterday for ios 5.1.1 so I can upgrade it free! My question is which one? On cydia it appears 2 different one just simply intelliscreenx 6 and the other is intelliscreenx (iOS 6 library), which one should I choose??

    • Fye Koo

      cant install the intelliscreenX ios5 library tho

  • 7abib0

    #Twitition No Intelliscreenx Upgrade Fee

    • Yurkie

      Signed!!! F Them!!!

  • Ayaz

    Is there alternate for MyWi

  • Yurkie

    Its total bs. We pay 9.99 to support them. You update you app to fix things or make it better so you get more users not to f*ck you current users. I think my support for these guys is over because what stops them from charging for every update if they are going to be like this.

    • Drusenija

      They’re not working within Apple’s framework. Whatever they build may not work from one version of iOS to the next and as they’re building apps outside of the App Store, Apple could care less if they change frameworks that affect jailbreak apps.

      As a result, it costs them time and effort to rewrite their application to support the new version of iOS. They ask for $9.99 to cover the time and effort spend to support YOU (see how you can turn that around?). If you previously bought MyWi 5.x which was advertised as specifically for iOS 5.x, you can still use it for iOS 5.x.

      It’s an issue that was discussed a little while back (on here perhaps?) about developers struggling to recoup costs involved in updating apps. In a PC model, major updates are commonly charged for. Why do people automatically assume the same model shouldn’t go into the mobile space? Just because you bought the app in the past shouldn’t entitle you to a lifetime of free upgrades.

      New customers alone can’t be expected to cover the costs, especially when you’re working in an environment like this one that depends on someone actually finding a way to hack your phone (functionally what jailbreaking is). Your potential client base dries up quickly, so that revenue has to come from somewhere.

      And besides, if I wanted to add tethering with an overseas carrier (legitimately) they’d probably charge the upgrade price a month! (Thankfully in Australia they tried this and failed, tethering is just included with the major carriers, although we don’t do unlimited data plans for the most part).

      • moe22

        he wasnt even talking about that.

        • Drusenija

          He was talking about the fact that because he’d bought the app in the past he shouldn’t have to pay for the new version. I presented reasons why that should be the case. How is that then not what he was talking about?

          • Z

            You don’t get it… do you?

          • Drusenija

            I “get it”. Old MyWi doesn’t work on iOS 6 and existing customers are having to pay to get it working again. Most other Cydia developers are releasing new updates for free, and existing users of MyWi feel screwed because they’re having to pay for functionality they previously had access to.

            All I’m saying is that the model for paid updates isn’t new and is common on other platforms, and that “free for life” isn’t necessarily a sustainable business model. If you disagree with Intelliborn’s payment model, vote with your feet, get a tool like iTether or PDAnet instead.

  • Liam Googolplex Merlyn

    IntelliScreen can suck the kernels from my arse. Bloody update fee. I’ll pirate their app, for that exact reason.

  • Mike

    Wow after paying so much last year you would assume the update would be free, or at the most a buck or 2. Extremely disappointing & flat out greedy.

    • MO JO Ham

      Count those 2 or 3 bucks on a million and then lets talk! or count number of people who commented on this thread.

  • Abel Goddard

    I bought intelliscreen way way back. It was super useful, as was messages+. When I get such huge usefulness and functionality, I’m willing to support the upkeep and added functionality. And really? $5 isn’t a big deal. It’s not even a fast food lunch anymore at most places.

    • Z

      Really? I had oatmeal this morning on my way to school for $1.99. Got me through half the day without thinking about hunger. And that’s a lot to pay for oatmeal dude, I buy a pound for $4 at walmart. Not a big deal huh. Ignorant buffoon.

      • Abel Goddard

        Ignorant? I’m nearly certain I eat more fast food than most people. A typical meal at JitB or McD or Whataburger or Wendy’s or Sonic or CFA or TB or KFC or LJS is gonna run a minimum 3.99, but most are at least 4.99 and get higher if you upsize it. My point remains: the usefulness of these products that you will use many times a day for many months is easily worth the price of a single fast food lunch.

  • X

    Yesterday I swore they stated that purchasers of the new IntelliscreenX would receive a free upgrade to MyWi 6, but I am unable to find that statement on Cydia today…
    $4.99 to update both IntelliscreenX and MyWi wouldn’t be too bad

    • Nir Tal

      you right. i notice this but they delete after a few hours
      i knew a few people that also see this

    • Z

      $4.99 not bad? Dude, that’s $2.50 every iOS release. What do you make, $70K/yr ?

  • Lee

    So they publicly tweeted they spent one whole day on the upgrade. While I suppose I’d pay an upgrade fee, 50% of full price causes me think they are being greedy. ISX crashes fairly regularly on my 4s, they did not bother with documentation, and MyWi is always detected by AT&T where PDANet is not. Yes it is. Useful software, which is why I bought it. I don’t think I am going to support them further when the ecosystem of jailbreak apps clearly only charges for updates with significant new functionality. This is not the first time Intelliborne has done this either. Sorry guys, I’ll look for competitor apps that aren’t trying to milk me. $2.00 would have flown. It’s not the actual amount, but the percentage to the total.

    • Lee

      BTW, wether or not they are on Apple’s framework is irrelevant.

    • Z

      I look at it differently. Their extremely overpriced application is not guaranteed to work with the next version of iOS – be it minor or major. So we’re buying a half-baked app that can stop working at any time. But you see, you don’t get a refund when it breaks within the first 3 months of usage. That’s why developers like these deserve to have their app pirated and cracked until they go out of business. Maybe then they’ll realize how precious their buyers are and will come back with another attitude.

  • moe22


  • swooped

    Paid the $5.00 for the upgraded MyWi and it doesn’t even work right… When I try to enter a password for WPA it just exits the app. Anyone else having these issues?

  • NO

    This really sucks that you have to pay for update 5$ and you allready have payed 10$ before!!! Disapointed!!

    • Z

      Try $20 bro.

  • Intelli-Scam

    No, the issue is not whether or not the devs had to rewrite some code or whatever is involved I don’t care… Stop whining. You wrote a program, and you sold it to us for a price. WE PAID for your app. Now, since there was an update to software we had no control over, you’re trying to charge us AGAIN for the product we ALREADY purchased? You fail to recognize the one simple fact here: we are the customers, we pay for a product, and then because our phones need a software update- that gives you the right to rape our wallet? So it’s just open season on your faithful customers’ wallets?! Umm… I see a failing business model here somewhere…

    So what if you had to rewrite the app? IT’S CALLED THE BUSINESS YOU’RE IN. You make an app that provides a service for people, they have paid for that service. It’s immoral and in fact, a greedy bullsh*t maneuver. We’ve been waiting for MONTHS to use the product we paid for, and now that there’s finally a jailbreak you want us to PAY AGAIN?! Nice try guys. Shame on you. Seriously.

  • Samnvb

    My question is why can you only bring it up in the lock screen? It seems to me that you should be able to bring it up whenever you would like.

  • Duc Su

    Paying $5 to upgrade to 6 is bs. I can’t use my paid mywi5 now since I am at version 6 on my phone.

  • Yaughty

    Anyone having a problem on the pages on the most recent update? Just a little glitch of regular NC centre pages like Facebook and mail

  • Tony Price

    In all the years I have jailbroken iPhones I haven’t spent more than $10 for EVERY paid JB app I’ve installed. As a rule I don’t pay for JB apps for two reasons. One is the unpredictable nature of JB in general. With every release of an iOS update you have no way of knowing if or when a JB will be released. With Jailbreaking there are no promises or guarantees. The second is, to Apple’s credit, the motives to JB are becoming fewer and fewer. In the iPhone 3 days there were tons of useful tweaks that genuinely enhanced the usability of the phone. Now that’s not so much the case. Most apps are themes and UI tweaks that may be good eye candy, but are things I can live without.