Administrators Blocking iOS 6.1 Devices From Accessing Microsoft Exchange Due to Excessive Logging Issue

Today seems to be the day for reporting iOS 6.1 related problems. We first reported about the poor iPhone battery life issue and offered some tips, then the 3G issues and now we’re getting reports that it is not playing nice with Microsoft Exchange.

The issue is so bad that ZDNet is reporting some IT administrators are even blocking iOS 6.1 devices from accessing Exchange to mitigate the problem.

It looks like iOS 6.1 devices are causing excessive logging, which is resulting in high CPU utilization on the Exchange servers. A forum user on Microsoft Technet reports:

I had a user upgrade to 6.1 and immediately after he finished, his phone/IPAD started causing excessive logging on the exchange server.  

I found the problem by using exmon and saw the CPU utilization in conjunction with high session count.

He shut down Outlook and the problem remained.  He Turned OFF his IPAD and the problem went away.  The only change he said he made that morning was upgrading to iOS 6.1 [..]

[..] His device caused over 50GB worth of logs for that particular database.

Denny Payne at Dev Central  provides some more details about what may be causing the issue and instructions on how to disable iOS 6.1 devices:

we started experenceing issues with Apple iOS 6.1, essentially malformed meetings on a device cause the device to get into a sync loop which causes excessive transaction log growth on the Exchange mailbox servers which will cause Exchange performance issues and potentially transaction log drives to run out of disk space.

Corporate users using Microsoft Exchange have been advised to avoid upgrading to iOS 6.1 as IT administrators have no option but to block iOS 6.1 devices from accessing Exchange server to prevent the issue from causing availability issues. Apple is yet to acknowledge the issue, but like the 3G issue, we expect them to fix it in iOS 6.1.1.

These issues raises an important point for discussion. Should Apple allow users to downgrade to the previous version of iOS instead of stop signing the iOS firmware files for the previous version just to get an upper hand on jailbreakers? Is it really worth inconveniencing the majority of the users? In this case, the user could have downgraded to the previous version, so that he or she could continue to the access mails or be reminded of their appointments on their iOS device.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to drop me a line in the comments below.

Via: ZDNet

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  • geekinit

    Doesn’t surprise me. Exchange uses high CPU by default and the logging is already a problem. You can blame iOS all you want but inevitably Exchange shouldn’t crumble so easy.

    • Brad

      They are talking about database logs not event or debug logs. All databases do this, not just Exchange.

    • Mike

      Shut up defending apple the new iOS is the problem I never had before updating to 6.1 . Btw my galaxy note 2 doesn’t have any issues with ms exchange

    • Jake

      Exchange doesn’t crumble, have run it in my organisation for years without any issue. If Apple’s app has a bug that puts it in a loop which causes it to endlessly try and sync with the Exchange server – how is that a fault with Exchange?

  • Mickey

    Downgrading should be upto the user and legally not blockable by a company (apple etc…). other than for things like baseband that really is not user code and has to enforce standards to not break down a network, unfortunatley I say this but wish i could downgrade firmware but that cant stop doing the roght thing! If it breaks my isage model the.

    Agreeed I should be able to down grade OS or return it for full price refund even years after the warent expires!

  • peter patent

    I don´t use MS-Exchange but Calendar with iCloud-Sync and had similar problems yesterday after i made an repeating entry in my calendar. The iPhone on iOS 6.1 got really hot and lost a lot of battery in no time. I had to shut the iPhone down to prevent it from overheating.

  • rob

    for some reason i cant install jailbroken apps onto my iphone 4,ive tried allsorts to try and rectify this but no joy..i upgraded my 3gs aswel but that phone seems fine and lets me install my apps through itunes…does anyone know the reason why this is happening??

  • Zbynek Did this bug fix help?

  • silverfox

    It’s a microsoft side issue, not Apple’s! MS is to be fixed her software…. i have an iphone 4s and tell me how i should downgrade for the happiness of the admin? please, i’m happy, let the admin be up nigths to fix issues….he’s paid to do it, not me. right? obviously with respect ofor the admins.