Security Flaw in iOS 6.1 Gives Unauthorized Access To Phone App Even With Passcode Lock [Updatedx2]


A new security flaw has been discovered in iOS 6.1, which allows anyone to bypass the passcode lock on the iPhone and gain access to the Phone app.

This means that someone can easily gain access to your Contacts, check your voicemail, send text messages, make FaceTime calls and even access your photos (by trying to add a photo to a contact).

The bug was discovered and detailed by a YouTube user with the handle – videosdebarraquito. Here’s how you can reproduce the bug:

  • Press the Sleep/Wake (Power) button to lock your iPhone
  • Now press the Home button and slide to unlock.
  • Tap on the Emergency Call key
  • Now hold the Sleep/Wake button until the “slide to power off” slider appears
  • Tap on the Cancel button
  • Then enter the emergency number like ‘112’
  • Tap the Call button and then immediately end the call by tapping on the End button
  • Hit the Sleep/Wake button to lock your iPhone and press the Home button
  • Now slide to unlock again
  • Hold the Sleep/Wake button and after 3-4 seconds tap the Emergency Call button

That’s it, you should be able to access the Phone app without the passcode.

It looks like the issue is also affecting iPhones on iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.0.2. A similar security flaw had also affected iOS 4.1, which was fixed by Apple in iOS 4.2.

It is always intriguing how someone can figure out these security flaws.

We’ll let you know as soon as we’ve any further updates.

Update 1:

Updated the video with the one from The Verge and also included step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the bug.

Update 2:

Apple has acknowledged the iOS 6.1 passcode security flaw and has promised to fix it in a future software update. Check this post for more details.

Via: The Verge

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  • Alex

    There’s always a back door put in, now it’s found so they’ll make another.

  • Meh

    And nobody cares…..

    • Kimk69

      Really, this sh*t again. Sounds like the same guy as last time.

  • Steve

    I´m a back door man

  • dkhan

    Making calls is a concern, but at least they dont have access to your data. Sure they can get into your contact list…. but they are getting your email, pics, texts, social media and banking info. I am sure they will put a fix on it quick.

  • Paula Tejano

    It doesn’t work on my iPhone 4S running iOS 6.1. I’ve done the procedure, but instead of gaining access to the phone, I only see a black screen with the top status bar. When I press the home button again, it returns to the Emergency Call screen. Maybe it only works on iPhone 5… :-

    • Axe

      Same black screen blinked once instead of blinked once with contact screen. Iphone 4s on jailbroken 6.1.1.

    • Apel P

      I have iPhone 5, also black screen.

  • Duarte Afonso

    doesn’t work on my iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1 (JB)

  • Zweten

    Hi guys

    Anyone have low gsm signal on iphone 5 after updating to ios 6.1 ???
    I even noticed poor wifi signal, it’s very very nitice , it became a problem to me , and sometimes i have no gsm signal at all

    • iPhoneHacks

      I haven’t noticed a drop in GSM signal quality after upgrading to iOS 6.1. It’s the first time we’re hearing of the issue.

  • jaybeans821

    does someone just sit there and try all these random steps just fore the sake of hoping to find a bug? waste of time if you ask me!

    • Don Dilla

      Yeh mainly a waste of time but not for people with stolen iPhones these are the lengths they will go to

  • jack

    i know what

  • jack

    i want to go to my email but i forget my iphone5 passcode

  • Joe

    not really working please once you get a solution on this let us know quickly even if through our mails