iPad mini Now ‘In Stock’ in Apple’s Online Stores In Several Countries


In the long battle of supply and demand for the iPad mini, looks like Apple has finally caught up. One of our readers (thanks Stan!) has just alerted us that the iPad mini models are showing “in stock” in Apple’s Online Store in several countries.

We’ve noticed the new “in stock” quotes in Apple’s online stores for the U.S, Canada, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand, but it still says 1-3 business days in some countries (eg. UK, Germany, Hong Kong) at least at the time of writing this post.

Apple seems to have achieved the supply demand balance almost in the same amount of time as the iPhone 5, though we’re sure Apple would have preferred to have achieved it ahead of the holiday shopping season.

Anyways, it should be good news if you’re planning to buy an iPad mini as it will now ship immediately.

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