iPhones Are 3 Times More Reliable Than Samsung Handsets

FixYa, a crowd-sourced troubleshooting website has published its Smartphone Reliability Report, which may not go down too well with Samsung fans.

The report compared user complaints on Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, Nokia Lumia and Motorola’s Droid from a database on 30 million users to figure out which smartphone is the most reliable.

FixYa assigned a dependability score to each manufacturer, which was based on 722,558 troubleshooting questions from smartphone owners and after normalizing the data for relative market share. The fewer the questions it received relative to market share, higher was the score.

As you can see from the graph below, Apple received the maximum dependability score of 3.47, almost 187 percent or 3 times more than Samsung’s score of 1.21. Nokia and Motorola received dependability score of 0.68 and 0.13 respectively.

Fixya users lauded the reliability of the iPhone, stating that it is almost always working as intended in regards to core features and never hits a constant roadblock with one feature.


iPhone users complained about poor battery life (35%), lack of new features with new models (20%, lack of customisability (15%) etc, the things that they liked about the iPhone was simple UI, reliability and the app ecosystem.


In case of Samsung handsets, the biggest gripe was battery life (Nexus) and microphone & speaker issues and the things they liked was the great quality of the screen, enjoyable UI and battery life (Samsung Galaxy S3).


You can read FixYa’s Smartphone Reliability report here, it’s an interesting read as it gives an unbiased view of the quality of smartphones.

Please drop us a line in the comments below to tell us what has been your experience.

HT: MacRumors

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  • http://www.facebook.com/ralph.rittle Ralph Rittle III

    Says the site that has Samsung Ads lol…..

    • Damani Brown


      • Pacomacman

        I’m sorry but I agree with Damani here. This site is a real pain to use on an iPad since the Samsung adverts were introduced. If I pinch to zoom the whole screen needs to be redrawn every time and flashes dark blue before updating the whole screen. If they were more subtle I’d accept them, but I no longer browse this site on my iPad. That and the feedback system just aren’t iPad friendly, which is strange as this is an Apple site.

        • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

          Hey Pacomacman,

          Thanks for the feedback. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

          We’ll be launching an iPad friendly website next week. Stay tuned!

      • ptooOIE

        seriously, some of the people here probably didn’t make it through elementary school. prime example

        • Damani Brown

          Hey I mean it’s one thing to run Samsung ads, “I run Adblock plus ;) so I can’t see them anyway” But, when you have a SAMSUNG WALLPAPER on an iPhone site, that’s just disgusting.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dong.nhon.1 Dong Nhon

      It is one more exp from you for apple

  • Honest

    @Ralph They need to get paid

  • SSS

    lol, this is a dumb comparison.

    With iPhones, you do things the way Apple tells you to do them — (music, itunes, photos, file formats); even Jailbreaking has reached its limits with certain tasks.

    With Android you can do each of those things 10 different customizable ways, and this site is assigning points of “reliability” ?

    • shrug

      with great power comes great responsibility.
      the only time my phone (galaxy s3) has become unreliable was when i customized it too much (custom rom, gui, tweaks, etc…) similar to when i jailbreak my iphone and have custom themes and jailbreak tweaks…. both become unreliable when customized too heavily without having thought about how those tweaks interact with each other.

    • Steroc

      lol, this is a dumb comment.

      Customisation has nothing to do with reliability. Look them them up in a dictionary (make sure it’s a reliable one because a customisable one is no good).
      10 different customisable ways to take a photo? Also you can drag and drop music to iTunes, it’s not a locked in system like many non users believe.
      I think reliability should be a big factor in any thing you buy

  • http://www.facebook.com/kadirali29 Kadir Ali

    i guess the poll was targeted at only idiots and not people with brains

    • Shala

      Seriously ?? Great power great reposbility ??? Are you 5 .. It’s a phone and not a realm ruling saber .. I’m selling my nexus 4 Tom and going back to iPhone .. Can’t wait .. Have fun with your malware and unstable os

  • Matt Wilcox

    This is dumb. Yes I’m trolling

  • A.K

    till my comment. there were 4 comments from apply hater against non from apply fan . I think no need for such a study. just this prove the point. what in hell apple hater do on this website??!!! maybe trying to copy things like samsung Lol

    • Anon

      Coming from a person who cannot type.

  • John

    These kind of user-based, although not all user-based, reports are invalid and not suitable for actual comparison but barely analyzes it, based on how much more and less the crowd knows as time goes on. Yes, user feedback is an important factor, but we need to understand that these users are not tech-savvy individuals such as ourselves. For elucidation, people, as in the majority of society, will buy things based on media and social stimuli. Just ask people what the pixel density of the iPhone or how many pins are in Apple’s new charger and they won’t even know. They don’t even know the basic acronyms VGA, HDMI, USB, etc. Everything’s been dumbed down. I want to know the pixel density, the GPU, the CPU, the type of glass, whether the architecture was manually or automatically laid, whether the camera has a different megapixel size based on the camera lens and aperture, I want to know the specs down up and up down. Our commercials are merely based for the majority on “wow-ing” them. Wow! FASTER, LONGER BATTERY, MORE MEGAPIXELS, BIG SCREEN, SO SHINY–I know businesses feed off those who are ignorant [I'm not implying stupid, just uninformed] to make their money, but please, for all us tech-lovers, make commercials intended for an informed audience.

  • Rafael Almonte

    Then how come I’m sitting at the genius bar as I type with an iphone 5 that hard bricked because I tried to restore using iTunes?

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Guess sh*t happens!

  • razielpr

    well it’s true it was for brainless people that can only use a simple junky UI and not a bigger one and i have never had malware issues in my s3 and no sound issues at all and great battery life and it responds like it should when i need it.