iPhones Are 3 Times More Reliable Than Samsung Handsets

FixYa, a crowd-sourced troubleshooting website has published its Smartphone Reliability Report, which may not go down too well with Samsung fans.

The report compared user complaints on Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, Nokia Lumia and Motorola’s Droid from a database on 30 million users to figure out which smartphone is the most reliable.

FixYa assigned a dependability score to each manufacturer, which was based on 722,558 troubleshooting questions from smartphone owners and after normalizing the data for relative market share. The fewer the questions it received relative to market share, higher was the score.

As you can see from the graph below, Apple received the maximum dependability score of 3.47, almost 187 percent or 3 times more than Samsung’s score of 1.21. Nokia and Motorola received dependability score of 0.68 and 0.13 respectively.

Fixya users lauded the reliability of the iPhone, stating that it is almost always working as intended in regards to core features and never hits a constant roadblock with one feature.


iPhone users complained about poor battery life (35%), lack of new features with new models (20%, lack of customisability (15%) etc, the things that they liked about the iPhone was simple UI, reliability and the app ecosystem.


In case of Samsung handsets, the biggest gripe was battery life (Nexus) and microphone & speaker issues and the things they liked was the great quality of the screen, enjoyable UI and battery life (Samsung Galaxy S3).


You can read FixYa’s Smartphone Reliability report here, it’s an interesting read as it gives an unbiased view of the quality of smartphones.

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HT: MacRumors

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