Top Tweaks To Customize And Enhance iOS Banner Notifications


In iOS 5, Apple added a new type of notification called banner notifications, which appear at the top of the screen for about 5 seconds and go away automatically. They’ve certainly made notifications less annoying compared to the blue notification pop-up boxes.

If you’ve jailbroken your iOS device, then you’ll be surprised by the number of ways in which you can customize or enhance banner notifications. 

So in this article I introduce you to some of the top tweaks, which are compatible with iOS 6.1 and allow you to do just that:

Reveal ($1.99):

The iOS banner notifications are quite useful, the alerts pop up discreetly at the top of your screen, without interrupting what you’re doing, if it’s important then you can tap on the notification to launch the app to check the notification.

But wouldn’t it be even better if you could read the entire notification via the banner notification. Reveal allows you to manually scroll through the content of the notification, so you don’t have to waste time tapping on the notification to launch the app to read the message.


FlagPaint ($0.99)

We’ve seen a number of jailbreak tweaks that allow you to change the font and color of the banner notifications, but FlagPaint takes things to the next level by dynamically changing the color of the banner notifications based on the app.

You can also check out FlagPaint Lite, a free version of the jailbreak tweak hat only supports tinting banners with a solid color.


DietBulletin (Free):

The jailbreak tweak developed by Ryan Petrich makes the banner notifications smaller. You can also make them as thin as the status bar as you can see in the screenshot below.

You have the option to enable or disable this at an application level via the Settings app.


Emblem ($1.99):

Emblem brings the OS X-style banner notifications to the iPad. After installing the jailbreak tweak, the notifications will show up in the top-right corner of the iPad’s screen similar to the way notifications show up on the Mac.

You can tap, hold and swipe to the right on the notification to dismiss them or tap on a notification to launch the appropriate app.

If you get multiple banner notifications from the same app, the jailbreak tweak will first display the notifications separately, one below the other, and then stack them together. You can then swipe through this stack of notifications to view each notification or tap, hold and swipe to the right to dismiss all the notifications in one-go. It’s a pretty cool feature.


NowListening, VSNotifications and NCQuickDismiss are also useful Banner Notifications related tweaks, but they’re not compatible with iOS 6.x.

NowListening (Free) adds banner notifications for the Music app. After installing the jailbreak tweak, it displays a banner notification whenever a new song starts playing, which is quite neat if you can’t recollect the name or artist of the song.


VSNotifications (Free) is a tweak that reads banner notifications out loud automatically. It comes in handy when you’re driving so you don’t have to look down on your iPhone when you get a new email or text message.

NCQuickDismiss (Free) adds a small (x) button on banner notifications, which allows you to quickly dismiss a banner notification by tapping on it. Until then you can check out these tips on how to dismiss banner notifications.


Image Credit: AddictiveTips

If you know any other great tweak for banner notifications then let me know in the comments.

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