LockInfo 5.1 Brings Back Consolidated Layout And Other Features From LockInfo 4


Few days back, developer of LockInfo released an new version of the popular jailbreak app to add support for iOS 6.

It also came with tons of new features such as filters that allowed you to segregate notifications, but users hated it.

If you’re one of them then the good news is that the developer has just pushed out an update for LockInfo 5, which brings back some of the popular features from LockInfo 4.

The developer writes:

You’ve Been Heard! Based on overwhelming feedback, many of the features you loved from LockInfo 4 have been ported into LockInfo 5 (in version 5.1). I’m diligently working to bring additional features, including iPad support, but wanted to get this MAJOR update in your hands as fast as possible.

The most important feature that’s back is the consolidated layout, which will allow you to see your notifications and widgets together. If you liked filters, then you can switch back to it via the Settings app (Settings -> LockInfo -> Layout).

These are some of the other features that are back from LockInfo 4:

  • Hide your lock clock and slider for more space.
  • Control the collapsed state of your notification sections.
  • Tap to launch notifications (Notifications view only).
  • Different font sizes.

The developer has also reset all the trials, so that you have enough time (14 days) to check out the new update, before buying it. LockInfo 5 is currently available for $3.99, which is a 50% discount on the regular price.

So if you were disappointed with LockInfo 5, go grab LockInfo 5.1 now from Cydia and let me know what you think in the comments. It’s back on my iPhone 5.

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  • Julie Klein

    I wonder if he’ll ever add back the functionality of pressing the home button to dismiss alarms. I miss that feature.

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      I’m assuming that will be brought back as well. Not sure, why it was not included in the first place as it is quite independent of the other features.

    • iphonejailbreaker

      Why not just use activator to enable that functionality? I usually have the home button unlock the lock screen for me, which should also dismiss alarms. (Not a big user of alarms.)

  • Damian W

    I miss infoshade feature. I used it as the alternative to Notification Center. It was not such a memory hog as NC.

  • tc

    On sale for $3.99 too. Nice.

  • Tom

    Don’t install this with ISX installed or your phone will be in the endless reboot process and you’ll need to manually reboot in to Safemode to remove it.

    • Charlene

      What is ISX?

      • Tom

        IntelliscreenX is a competing product. I like to toggle my MyWi and My3G apps using the Notification toggles and wish I had that same capability using LockInfo like I do with iSX.

  • http://twitter.com/db_DESIGN dbDESIGN

    This is the only app I jailbreak my phone for, I have been using it for years. As soon as I installed and saw the changes to LocksInfo5, I wrote them an e-mail. So much was changed and it just did not work well, and certainly not as nice as the previous model.

    I am very happy they have decided to take steps to re-evaluate it and listen to their users. Love this app, I hope to see more updates soon.